Nov 23: Full Moon in Gemini

Nov 23: Full Moon in Gemini

We're entering a Full Moon in Gemini on Nov 23. As Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite each other in the zodiac we are working within the polarity of these two energies. There is ample opportunity for an expansion of spiritual and mental energy to take place during this Full Moon.


  • Inspiration
  • Spiritual Seeking
  • Truth
  • Curiosity
  • Social Connections
  • Knowledge
  • Personal Growth

Sagittarius is associated with the fire element and Gemini is associated with air. When you get in touch with the elements of the signs a bigger picture starts to be revealed about what spiritual pathways you are accessing. Fire is spirited, intuitive, and impulsive while air is rational, mindful, and perceptive. During this Full Moon you have the opportunity to integrate these energies within you.

Ask yourself how you want to expand your consciousness and spiritual experiences. The energy of the Full Moon in Gemini will help you get in touch with ideas on how to do this.

As Mercury will be in retrograde during this time and Jupiter is moving into Sagittarius our minds will feel an impulse towards personal development and internal growth of the psyche.

This Full Moon phase is highly focused on what is going on within our mental processing and communications with others. How do we connect and engage with the world around us?

Some ways to get in touch with the cerebral focused air element of this Full Moon is deep breathing exercises, meditation, and practicing mindfulness.

The energy surrounding this Full Moon is less emotional and more passionate as you take on the Universal energy available to you. A desire for freedom and personal expression will become paramount as you come realize you are in control of your own life and spiritual destiny.

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