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Full Moon in Leo + Total Lunar Eclipse

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Full Moon in Leo + Total Lunar Eclipse

As the Moon becomes Full in Leo it is fueled by the powerful energy of both a Total Lunar Eclipse and the Sun moving into the sign of Aquarius! January 21st 2019 brings us a very interesting mix of energies to play with. During a Lunar Eclipse the reflected light of the Moon is blocked from our view. This is symbolic of parts of the self going underground while other aspects emerge to the surface. A balance of energies and a push pull starts to take effect.

With the Full Moon in Leo we are brought deeper in touch with our inner child. At this time we are being asked how we nourish our soul’s innocence. Have we forgotten humor and playfulness? As the energy of the eclipse washes over the day you may find moments of longing or nostalgia for something in the past. Reach in and ask yourself what these feelings are that you are experiencing at this time.

This Full Moon is closely aspected to the unpredictable planet Uranus. Our emotions may even start to feel out of character for us around this time! Embrace the complexity of your feelings, experiencing them from a place of openness and receptivity. With this excess of energy we may desire calm and clarity to bring us back into the present. Giving yourself time to meditate, ground, or relax will be very helpful in-between bursts of energy.

Expect the unexpected as different energies come together in the night sky on January 21st 2019. The Leo archetype is very adept at creative self-expression. There is plenty of life to experience during the days leading up to and just following the Full Moon in Leo 2019. We can use this time to pull from the past to inform the present; nourishing our inner child in order to bring out newly discovered parts of self into this creative world we play a part in.

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