Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo

Today, as the Sun is moving into the Sign of Pisces we are blessed with a Full Moon in the conscientious sign of Virgo. If Virgo was a superpower it would be the power to perceive. Often associated with noticing the fine details and the underlying energy currents, the zodiac sign of Virgo allows us deeper access into our mind space. When the emotional vibration of the Moon links up with the energy of Virgo we are all under the spell of this earthy energy.

The Moon in Virgo combines our emotions with our analytical abilities. During this time our perception of reality and spirituality combine. Powered by the Sun in Pisces we are drawn to examine the daily rituals we partake in. We may be inspired to participate more deeply in daily spiritual practices such as mediation or prayer. During this time we may feel the incredible power and intensity that can accompany us in sacred spaces.

As the Full Moon is the part of the Lunar cycle when energy is at its peak and felt the most acutely, we are especially aware of the present energy. Our spiritual lives can become more intense and start to take on new perspectives and meaning for us today, February 19th, 2019. With the Full Moon in Virgo, our ability to perceive the role that spirituality plays in our lives will be enhanced. Our purpose for being and staying in touch with our inner mind is amplified.

This Full Moon is an excellent time to rekindle your passion for your meditation practice. The current energy lends us the motivation to be more mindful and present of our relationship with spirit and the universe. Our body, mind, and soul will more easily slip into meditative spaces during this time. Psychic and intuitive energy will be increasing while at the same time we stay grounded and aware of the way in which energy flows throughout the Universe.

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