Full Moon Mala Intention Setting and Cleansing

Full Moon Mala Intention Setting and Cleansing
This month’s Full Moon falls when the Sun and Moon are in total opposition between Cancer and Capricorn: Mother and Father, Shakti and Shiva. Balance the powers of both with our Mala Cleansing Ritual and manifest what you want for the remainder of 2016.

Full Moon Intention Setting Ceremony

Find a quiet space outside under the Full Moon and sit in a comfortable seated posture. We suggest sitting with your hips raised off the ground slightly (a small cushion is preferable) and trying as best as you can to keep your spine straight. Light a candle, burn some sage or your favorite incense. If you wish, feel free to wash your mala before this ceremony in pure water with flowers.

Begin by closing your eyes and relaxing the muscles in your face. Pay attention to any straining you feel around the eyes or belly. Take a deep breath, exhale and let go. With a clear and calm mind state your intention to the beads, moving each one through your fingers (avoiding your pointer finger as it represents ego).  

As you relax, imagine the Full Moon is shining a spotlight around you, illuminating all the thoughts in your mind and amplifying them so that you’re absolutely clear of your intentions. Visualize yourself finding peace of mind and inner calmness. A traditional mantra for activating and sealing in the energy in mala is "Om Hrim Namah Shivaya Om". We recommend chanting this mantra at least 3 times and sitting for at least 5 minutes to seal the energetic bond.

Take a piece of paper (or a meditation journal if you have one) and write down all the thoughts that entered your mind throughout the meditation. These can be names of people, places or things and while they mightn’t seem significant now - it’s the Moon’s way of sending you a message.

Keeping a meditation journal helps us have a more definite sense of what is actually going on. When we sit down after meditation and take a few minutes to journal what we’ve been experiencing, it makes it pretty obvious how effective we’ve really been. If we examine our experience, honestly and with a desire to learn, then we become much more aware of what our meditation practice actually is. We can become more aware of our weaknesses and our strengths, and have a much more penetrating understanding of what we need to be working on.

Full Moon Mala Cleansing

We recommend cleansing your Mala beads regularly: as the beads are known to absorb and store energy and cleansing helps to remove stagnant energy. Take advantage of the Full Moon by recharging your precious gemstones and resetting them for the coming month.

The Full Moon is an opportune time cleanse the energy of your beads and magnify the energies you want to attract. Full Moon energy is potent with the energy of fullness, abundance, attraction, manifestation, love - so keep in mind which gemstones and objects you want to amplify. That being said, you can charge objects at different moon phases for different energies you want to enhance. For example, if you want to manifest love; charge some Rose Quartz, and if you want to attract peace; choose Amethyst. Choose whichever gemstones will help you on your journey to living with intention!

To cleanse your mala with the Full Moon, take your beads outside and set them down on the earth beneath the moon. Feel free to chant a mantra or say a prayer before you leave your Mala do it’s own thing and create a ritual - by lighting a candle or some incense - if required. Chanting affirmations is also a great way to charge the powers of your gemstones… just do what makes you comfortable! Leave your Mala ‘charge’ for a short while and when done, enjoy the powers of your newly infused beads.


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