Ground + Nourish during the full moon

Ground + Nourish during the full moon

As the energy shifts towards the Full Moon in Cancer on Dec 22 we are called to focus on the nourishment and grounding of our souls. With the energy surrounding this time of year, we may start to feel more sensitive and overstimulated than at other times throughout the year. This Full Moon can be intensely felt creating a reminder to keep our souls in alignment with our body and mind.

The zodiac sign of Cancer and the Moon are symbolic of nurturing, nourishment, and security. During this time ask yourself what you need to do for self-care? You may need to take a pause or a break from festivities. You may need to remind yourself to eat a meal or drink more water. With everything going on it is a good idea to schedule set times for grounding meditations and rituals.

Here are some great grounding techniques to use during the Full Moon in Cancer: 

  • Take a bath with relaxing essential oils such as lavender
  • Diffuse cedar wood essential oil before bedtime
  • Meditate with mala beads composed of grounding crystals such as obsidian or smokey quartz
  • Get ample amounts of extra sleep when possible

 The energy of the Cancer Moon wants you to feel well taken care of. This starts with you setting an intention to make self-care a priority. You know what your body needs best to feel aligned and at peace even when things around you may seem overwhelming. During this time we may have a tendency to perseverate about how things will turn out. If you feel that you are getting worked up during this Full Moon take note, remember your self-care routines to bring you inner peace, calm, and grounding.

Your soul wants to rest peacefully in your body right now not project worry out into the universe. The Full Moon in Cancer can bring on feelings of psychic abilities and an increase in extrasensory perceptions. Remember it is okay to take everything in slowly as Cancer energy is sensitive and needs to be received with intention and purpose. During this Full Moon in Cancer remember to bring yourself back to center as needed in order to be present of each unfolding moment.

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