How Meditation on Your Daily Commute Impacts Your Day

How Meditation on Your Daily Commute Impacts Your Day

Typically, when we think about meditation, we think of a quiet, peaceful environment at home or in amongst nature, where we can sit, relax and be still. However, meditation can be used in any environment, busy or not. The stereotype that you must be undisturbed or in an area where there are little to no distractions to meditate effectively isn’t always the case.

For example, you could enter a meditative state in a busy nightclub while sat in a cubicle or seating area. Learning to use your environment as signals and triggers to sink you deeper into a relaxed frame of mind can work very well. This is almost the same as self-hypnosis.

The area we'll be talking about today is your daily commute, how it’s possible to meditate throughout it and how it impacts your day.

Setting the Scene

Similar to how an author sets the scene for their story, you can set the atmosphere for your day through using meditation. How you start your day has a large effect on how you act throughout the rest of it. Think of the day as building a tower of scaffolding. At the bottom, you need solid foundations, as they will make it easier to continue building upwards with security and steadiness.

The best opportunities to meditate to ‘set the tone’ for your day are when you wake or on your commute to work. If you didn't get a chance to meditate when you first woke that day, then the commute would usually be your last option.

Science backs meditation and its capabilities to increase our level of awareness, concentration and focus throughout our day-to- day lives. Therefore, if you wish to start your day feeling brighter, refreshed and positive, meditating on your commute is a very good idea.

Meditation Techniques for Commuting

A great technique for meditating on your commute, to begin with, is to use guided meditations. By using your tablet or mobile phone, you can plug in headphones and use a platform such as YouTube to follow guided meditations via videos. There are thousands of options to choose from on YouTube; some contain instructions with music, others only contain musical instruments.

By searching YouTube for specific emotional states you wish to induce into your mind (‘positivity’, for example), you can find guided meditations that will suit any desires you have for that day. If you know you have a meeting or presentation coming up on a specific date, you could use a guided meditation on relaxation during your commute that day, to help you feel grounded and comfortable while picturing yourself giving a great presentation.

Another technique that can work well on the commute is to use your surroundings as triggers or prompts that push you into a deeper meditative state. For example, if your commute involves a train ride, you might use all the passengers, newspapers and magazine shuffles to help you relax. Say to yourself, each time you hear those noises, or see those images, you will fall deeper into a more relaxing state of mind and presence.


Overall, through meditating on your commute, you can set a positive tone for the rest of your day. Quite often the way we start our day results in how it ends. Beginning the morning commute with good intentions and positive vibes will help build momentum to continue that mind state throughout the remainder of the day’s activities.

Do you meditate on your commute? Do you have any tips on how to do so? Please leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.


Author Bio: Latoya is a health and tech blogger who enjoys teaching from her personal experiences whenever she finds the time. She’s a loyal member of the team over at Secure Thoughts, where she helps spread awareness for internet safety and security. Latoya also practices meditation every morning and evening, as she finds that it helps her to focus and relax more throughout her day-to- day life.

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