How to Celebrate the Solstice

How to Celebrate the Solstice

Solstice is always a special time of the year – in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is in full swing, and there is a sense of ripeness and celebration in the air. The weather is warm, the days are long, and we can enjoy all the pleasures of our hard work.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the nights are long and cozy, and there is a sense of deep rest and waiting for the warmth to return – delicious cocoa and warm fires crackle whilst we wrap ourselves in fluffy blankets and allow ourselves to withdraw a little.

Both these times mark a juncture in the seasons, and herald the real “start” of Summer and Winter. The days begin to equalize after this point, and we will either start saying a slow goodbye or a joyful hello to the Sun – although it’ll take some time still!

Neptune, planet of spirituality, compassion and creativity, slowly turns retrograde at 18 degrees of gentle Pisces, at the very same time – and so, 21 June, can be a time to celebrate the Sun and to tap into our own inner sense of spirituality and divinity. Here are some tips to make the most of the Solstice:

Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere):

  • Spend this day out in the Sun, if you can – watch the sun rise or the sun set with a sense of mindfulness and awe for this life-giving energy
  • Try welcoming the day with a Yoga Sun Salutation first thing in the morning
  • Purchase some lovely sunflowers to decorate your home and remind you of the longest day of the year
  • Perhaps do a Solar Plexus Chakra meditation: taking your focus to the area between your ribs, picture a small ball of golden light becoming bigger and bigger, and at the same time, imagine this is your sense of personal confidence and power!
  • A small ritual can be to light a candle to symbolize the Sun, and write down a few things you wish to release and let go of as the Sun very slowly begins his downward descent over the next few months.

Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere):

  • Light a fire indoors or outdoors, if you have the space for it, and burn a special “Yule Log” to symbolize the bright Sun returning and making the earth warm once again
  • Light a candle and write down a few intentions you wish to welcome and bring in over the next few months as the Sun returns once more
  • Take a long, warm bath with plenty of candles to symbolize cleansing and preparing for the new season coming. As the bath drains, allow any old, stale energy to wash away.
  • Have Christmas in June! Cook a feast and celebrate with your loved ones with delicious wine and the sharing of gifts.
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