How to choose your crystal, gemstone and mala

How to choose your crystal, gemstone and mala


How do you know which crystal, gemstone or mala is for you? Follow these quick steps with intention to find the most aligned piece for your meditation practice:

1) Lay it out

If you currently have crystals, gemstones or malas, lay them out in front of you. Allow yourself to see all of the colors, textures and shapes.

2) Get comfortable

Grab a cushion and take a comfortable seat.

Gently rest your hands on your thighs, palms facing up, ready to receive guidance. Begin to take deep, long belly breaths. Get grounded. Feel your sits bones as the foundation, while your upper body feels aligned and light.

3) Breathe deep

As you continue to breathe at your own rhythm, turn your energy inward. Begin to connect to your higher self, your intuition.... Allow space for breath and connection.

4) Ask and listen

As you sense that connection, ask yourself “What crystal energy do I require today?” Be patient and listen. The answer may come through as a word, a color, or the name of a stone.  Perhaps a feeling or sensation is calling to you. Be with your experience and resist the temptation to “think” about it. Ask as many times as necessary until the answer comes through for you.

5) Trust

Trust what comes through. Slowly come back to the room — taking deep breaths, wiggling your fingers, and gently opening your eyes. If you have your crystals and malas in front of you, when you open your eyes, trust the first piece you see is what you require today. Take that stone or mala and carry it with you through the day, knowing its energy is what you require.

You may do this practice as often as you require to tap into your own energy to choose the right piece for you.


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