How to: Crystal Kits

How to: Crystal Kits

We love using crystals in our meditation practice. From laying the stones out to inspire an intention, to clearing the space of negative energy, to holding them in our hands as a focus point while meditating. Using crystals during stillness has become a common practice for us. 

(For more on using crystals in your meditation practice, read here.)

But, our love of crystals has lead us to explore bringing them into our daily lives outside of meditation.

Which is why we created our crystal kits and sets. So, how can you use them in your daily life?

We have some suggestions below:

1) Travelling

We like to stay calm when travelling. Having a crystal to hold in our hands definitely helps ease our anxiety when starting a new journey. From flying, to trains, to long car rides. One of our favourite crystal kits while travelling is the Adventure kit. This promotes grounding, calm, playfulness and connecting to your inner power. Holding one of these stones is a beautiful reminder to breathe and invite stillness, helping to calm your nerves.

2) On your desk

Oftentimes we hit a lull of energy while at work. Having a crystal on our desk to remind us of our intentions and to return to our breath is a beautiful thing. We like to hold a stone in our hand, take a few deep breaths with our eyes closed, and then return to our laptop. Feeling refreshed and more at ease.

3) On the go

I often find myself keeping crystals in my wallet and purse. What better surprise is there than reaching into your bag to pull out a crystal?! I keep mine with me as I never know when I’ll get a wave of anxiety. Or, if I’ll find a lovey spot to sit in meditation in the park, on a bench, or in the sunshine. I often keep a few stones from the Serendipity kit with me — the labradorite is my favorite.

4) At home

On our fireplace mantel, on our bedside table, in our bathroom — the list goes on! Having the crystals out around the home is a physical reminder of our mindfulness practice. And it often inspires us to take a moment to sit in silence and just breathe. It also helps remind us of what we’re calling into our lives and to remain open. For example, stones from the Love crystal kit inspire both relationship and self love. 

5) Under your pillow

Having trouble sleeping? Many people believe putting an Amethyst stone beneath their pillow cures insomnia. Our Intuition crystal kit has a beautiful small, smooth Amethyst stone to try this out.

How do you like to use your crystals in your daily life?

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