How to make a home meditation space 

How to make a home meditation space 

Having a home meditation space is a great way to stay inspired to take a moment for yourself. We all know the saying, 'Out of sight out of mind.' Visual reminders can be a powerful motivator. 

And as it's in our home, we want it to reflect who we are.

A meditation space can be whatever you want it to be. It can start small, and grow as you do in your own personal journey. 

Here are a few things you can put into your meditation space:

Meditation cushion (For sitting on during your practice.) 

- Mala Beads ( To either practice with, or have as a reminder of your intention)

- Something to keep you warm (meditation shawl)

- Something green and living (a plant)

- Crystals or sage (to clear the energy in the space) 

- A candle (If you practice flame meditation)

- Singing Bowl, bell or symbols for sound (this helps you clear the energy in the space, and also helps cleanse your Mala)

- Affirmation or mantra (To act as a reminder of your intention)

- Buddha or other Dieties (A wooden Buddha, statue of a goddess or deity you look up to)

- Journal (this helps post practice to reflect and close after a sit)

- Timer (if using your Mala beads in your practice, this acts as a natural timer as you go around 108 times. If you use a phone to set a time, turn it to silent and have a gentle sound to signify the practice is over)

Remember — this is a completely personal experience. The area is meant to bring calm and inspire you to connect with yourself. Have fun with it!  

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