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How to use meditation cushions in your practice

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How to use meditation cushions in your practice

Meditation cushions are a great tool to support a meditation practice.

They help elevate the hips, support your legs and ankles while sitting, and provide a comfortable spot for silence. We like to use them as a symbol for our sacred space — a time for ourselves. 

We designed our latest cushions to be visible in your home space, so you can leave them out in your bedroom, living room (or any other space!). We find that leaving them out in the open is a great reminder to take a moment or silence— even just 5 minutes an make a difference!

Here is how we use the cushions in our meditation practice:

- Set the cushions up in a visible space in your home (living room, beside your bed etc).

- We often place crystals and a singing bowl near by, along with our mala beads.

- Try to create a routine of rolling out of bed to your cushion each morning, or taking a few minutes to sit while your coffee or tea is brewing.

- When prepping to sit, we recommend having a large square cushion on the floor to support your knees and ankles. This provides padding for your legs, allowing blood flow to keep going. This helps prevent your knees and ankles from falling asleep. One less distraction in our practice! (You can also use a thick blanket folded up below the round cushion!)

- When sitting on the round cushion, pull your sit bones back. This will allow you to settle and root into the cushion. The round cushion helps to elevate your hips when sitting, as often times our hips aren't open enough to sit on the floor in meditation for long periods of time.

- Allow your knees to fall open onto the floor cushion. When finding the best posture, try not to stack your ankles on top of one another. Rather, one in front of the other. This also helps prevent them from falling asleep!

- If you have sensitive knees, you can also straddle the round cushion. Simply place it on the large square floor cushion, kneeling down with each knee on either side. This can sometimes be more comfortable! The floor cushion also offers great support in this position.

- Once you're comfortable, find a straight spine. The cushions allow you hips to settle in, providing support for your back. Place your hands face up on your legs (to receive energy) or face down (to ground). 

- Close your eyes and embrace your moments of silence!

We hope the cushions help provide a moment reconnection to yourself. 




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