Japa Meditation: An Introduction

Japa Meditation: An Introduction

Japa is a Sanskrit word that refers to the audible repetition of a mantra.

A mantra is a word or phrase that has a specific focus or intention, a quality of being that we want to align ourselves with. Japa is often done with a mala string, as it allows you to count your repetitions, so if you have some mala beads you might choose to use them for a practice like this, working your way up to 108 rounds of repetition in one sitting.

Instead of working with Sanksrit mantra for this practice,  I am sharing phrases in English, affirmations that you would repeat in the same way you would a mantra. 

Take a moment to get comfortable. Because you will be saying these phrases out loud, repeating them with me, you will want to be somewhere that you feel you can do this without getting interrupted. Once you have chosen your posture, take a few moments to relax and connect to the gentle movement of your breath. 

This is a japa practice for inner trust and courage. I will repeat the phrases nine times slowly, and invite you to repeat them along with me. 

May I honour the source of my inner wisdom 

May I trust in the unique unfolding of my life

May I walk my path with kindness & courage

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