July 2020 Horoscopes - Unfolding Self with Others

July 2020 Horoscopes - Unfolding Self with Others

Life will start to move forward in July, this movement will be marked by a reworking of energy. In general, people will be more empathic, sensitive, and intuitive—the emotional side of self will be more prominent and the feelings nature of being human is what we are calling in. When you step outside each day, the individual side of you will seem to merge with the world around you. This means your inner self-work from the previous months is ready to be shared with others, fiercely and compassionately.

Aries ♈︎

Your fearless and bold energy comes in with the force of a storm this month, you are intense, passionate, and motivated. As you feel a shift in how things move, work, and function you will also start to feel things shift within your own self. Attitudes are likely to change, morph, or evolve this month. Prepare yourself for integrating these new aspects of your world-view into who you really are. The work starts from within and unfolds outward.

Gemstone: Ruby

Taurus ♉︎

What does your voice sound like? Do you know the sound of who you are? This month allows you to stand out and truly share the inner emotional world of self with others. You pause from seeing yourself as an individual that needs to be cultivated and actualized and start to see yourself more as an individual that needs to actualize in relation to others. As shyness drips away, confidence grows.

Gemstone: Howlite

Gemini ♊︎

Gentleness in the face of hardship helps you manage an influx of changing emotions and changing landscapes. The inner psychology and layers you are moving through is happening quickly. At times you will want to break and move away from working so hard on things. Remember, you are capable of being many different things to many different people, and even different things to your own self. This energy is potent and has a place at this time.

Gemstone: Lava

Cancer ♋︎

You stand strong on ground that feels like it is moving beneath your feet. You are flexible in your moods, and this is your strength right now. The conversations you engage in will have meaning and impact. As you articulate important facts, you also lace your message with sweetness, emotions, and feelings. Leadership qualities emerge at this time, consider leading a meditation group or starting a spirituality themed class, workshop, or meeting.

Gemstone: Labradorite

Leo ♌︎

Even when you think your mind is set there is still room for change. You are met with this theme this month, and where something seemed solid, you will notice the lack of edges that actually exist in certain situations. You gather around others for inspiration. There is a sense of hope in finding comrade with the people in your community. Lean on those who will be supportive of your journey, where you are at, and won’t push you to be someone you are not. 

Gemstone: Obsidian

Virgo ♍︎

Something hidden or unexpected will be dropped into your conscious awareness this month and become a part of your deeper truths about life and who you are. This is a great month to focus on consciousness expanding work through different meditations. It is also a great time to try out different spiritual practices in order for you to see what has shifted and what may fit better with your current worldview. You have a much more global feeling at this time.

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz

Libra ♎︎

Your work and career have an impact on your local community in some way. You plug into what is happening around you and find allies, support, and nurturing from new people entering into your life. You are really looking for community this month and to self-actualize within these spaces. A sweetness opens you up to befriending more people. The quality of your relationships is likely to improve with your intention.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Scorpio ♏︎

You are feeling a mix of the elemental energies of fire and water. You feel the waves of emotions but the intense passion just as much. This can be worked into your day to day life, routines, and habits. Consider each moment, no matter how small it may seem, as a space where meaning can be created. You showing up, with presence is what matters. You can hold space, be strong, and compassionate all at the same time.

Gemstone: Amazonite

Sagittarius ♐︎

You are learning to understand yourself on an entirely new level. As self-awareness unfolds you  also are confronted with parts of yourself that had been living in shadow or mystery. This awakening will feel really exciting and invigorating, sparking creativity and a fierce pursuit of the things that you love. You are also activated by the current energy in the world, you have a strong voice with very important things to vocalize and share.

Gemstone: Rhodonite

Capricorn ♑︎

It happens that you are wanting to take your spiritual journey in a potentially new direction. This may include integrating the stuff you were already doing or going fully in on something new. There will be a period of deciding what to share with someone else and what to keep to yourself. As you move through this energy, remember to communicate and give space to all parts of self that need to be seen, heard, and understood.

 Gemstone: Jade

Aquarius ♒︎

Some relief is coming your way from the current pressure you have been feeling. Allow this month to be one where you seek out moments of rest between intense moments of passionately working in the world. You tend to be more sensitive right now and have a greater intuitive ability for understanding the collective. Digest this information for others, then write, speak, or share on it, if that is what you are feeling called to do at this time!

Gemstone: African Turquoise

Pisces ♓︎

Your routines related to wellness this month are important aspects for taking care of self and others. There are things happening that keep pressing you forward mixed with moments when the gravity of what is real takes up more space in your mind. Mindfulness practices will be essential, especially those related to self-awareness and exchange of emotions. Identifying what specifically you feel or are going through can take courage and bravery. The planetary influences are on your side for this work.

Gemstone: Moonstone

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