Mala Collective - May 2020 Monthly Horoscopes - Healing Earth & Body

Mala Collective - May 2020 Monthly Horoscopes - Healing Earth & Body

A shift has taken place in our world, on a macrocosmic and microcosmic level. We can feel this change in our communities but also in our own bodies and minds. This is not an easy time to be human upon the earth, but that tension also gives us room to address our psychological complexes, explore the wisdom in connection, and ultimately discover a pathway towards greater wholeness. This is a great time to learn what healing means to you and where it begins within you. Body, mind, and spirit are malleable, receptive, and vulnerable to these truths at this time. Astrologically this month, we are in touch with what is physical and how we are affected by the spiritual. Remember to pause, breath, and center.

Aries ♈︎

Your earthy nature and desire claws out from inside of you and settles on the surface of your very being. Each and every base need will be addressed right now. Every action you take has a purpose towards you feeling more secure, happy, and whole. Exercise is your best friend right now. You need this time spent in your body to truly feel aligned in each part of your being. Focus on the belly area, this is your center and willpower. Breath deeply into this area of self to fully experience a sense of independence, self-reliance, and ultimate belonging.

Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye

Taurus ♉︎

At times this month, you will feel your mind is completely made up, not a thing could possibly change it. Then, surprisingly, something does. What are these forces in the Universe that cause you to shift and move on your life path? These major shifts in perspective come as quite a shock, as you often rely on the grounding energy of staying in a steady mindset. You will learn this month that you can withstand change. That transformation is something you can hold in your body, experience, and even find ecstatic joy in. This is a month of many firsts. Embrace the wild ride!

Gemstone: Amethyst

Gemini ♊︎

This month pulls you up and out of a funk and into a place of brighter spiritual wellness. The first half of the month you might feel you are slogging through but the second half of the month you will see things start to shake loose and blocks start to unbind. A great area to place your focus on this month is on energetic healing with the mind. Consider doing a meditation that scans your body for knots or breaks in the auric field. You can work on these areas, cleansing, and healing what is normally hidden. Answers to long held mysteries have a way of being revealed right now and the insights that come through are profound.

Gemstone: Obsidian

Cancer ♋︎

You desire warmth, physical comfort, and wellness at this time. Over the course of the month you seek to make subtle changes that gently guide you to a greater sense of healing and wholeness. Light a candle each day in dedication to your spiritual path. The heat of the flame represents the heat that is flowing through you. Find your courage, located at the heart of yourself, to be as big as you want to be. Let yourself reveal to others who is the true you striving to be expressed. Lightness, sweetness, and dreaminess let you step forward without fear.

Gemstone: Tourmaline

Leo ♌︎

While many people are having a decrease in work, you seem to be having an increase in workload. This means your self-care routine is of the utmost importance. Your physical body well happens in tandem with your mental body also being well. If possible, give yourself at least 5 minutes a day for breath work or mindfulness meditation. This will be an invaluable practice for you this month in order to reduce tension, anxiety, and manage heavy workloads. Another great way for you to stay centered throughout this month is to talk about how you feel. Having openness about your feelings and experiences keeps life grounded and ensures you get the support you might need at this time.

Gemstone: Howlite

Virgo ♍︎

Language, words, and wisdom. You want these things and are willing to expend energy to get them. The powerful tool that is your brain is experiencing a thirst for knowledge. You want a teacher that will show you how to ground and be present. You also want a teacher that will show you what it means to be human in this physical experience. Of course, you already know, the teacher is within. This doesn’t mean outside support, mentors, and guides cannot be of immense value on your life path. Read up, research, and gather this month.

Gemstone: Labradorite

Libra ♎︎

Self-love, self-worth, and value…what do these things really mean to you? You are looking at these themes now with your deepest most radical truth and it can be a lot! But nothing you cannot handle. You are living in the realest of realities within your mind and experiencing life from a more vivid, meaningful, and purposeful existence. Channel this burst in spiritual energy into long meditation sessions, deep breathing exercises, and dreamy visualizations. Your mind is more open and expanded and ready to let more in.

Gemstone: Moonstone

Scorpio ♏︎

The way in which you relate to others has opened up all of your empathic senses and intuition this month. Each emotion, feeling, and thought seems to be permeating through your tough exterior and melding itself within you. Learning to filter these energies is great work, but work you are wholly prepared for. Meditation is an excellent area for mastering your mind, emotions, and thoughts. You have ultimate authority on what gets passed to you, how you transmute these energies is a gateway to functioning more fully in this physical world.

Gemstone: Amazonite

Sagittarius ♐︎

A deliberate physical wellness routine is exactly what you are craving this month. Something you set out to do each day is healing, fulfilling, and life-affirming. While your mind is busy running far down the road, your body is requesting you put in action to maintain stability day to day. Work on your morning routine, this is where you will find the most solace. Carve out a chunk of time for a nice cup of tea, look at nature, meditate, journal, or any other activity that brings your mind into the physical moment. Starting your day with a routine anchors you and prepares you to operate with more mindfulness overall. 

Gemstone: Lava

Capricorn ♑︎

Although, not your conscious preference, you tend to learn lessons the hard way. This month your mind is blown by a confronting experience with the subconscious mind. When these truths become conscious you now have a chance to work, integrate, and ultimately unify all of yourself together. Spend time journeying with the self through meditation to these parts of hidden shadow and unexplained realities. Your imagination is the vehicle that starts you on these paths, and your Higher Spirit will guide you towards center.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Aquarius ♒︎

A re-organization of what it means to be at home and in your home is present this month. You express what you want to see restructured and take action towards these visions. Sleep health is where you should place your focus right now. An overactive body and mind might be keeping you up at night. There are ways in which you can explore sleep and meditation as one. Use this month to research and try out different versions of sleep hygiene. Routine setting is actually very healing for you. Consider the practices of sleep yoga.

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz

Pisces ♓︎

A stable mindset leads to a stable routine, and that is exactly what you need this month. Your mind is scattered in seemingly a hundred different directions or intensely focused on just one. What you need is to find a balance between input and output. There is sensory information constantly being exchanged between your mind and the environment. Routine, especially one that includes a daily meditation or spiritual practice, roots the different experiences of reality to a single time and place. This helps your creative explorations find solid expression in each moment.

Gemstone: Rhodonite

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