Mantras for Your Zodiac Sign

Mantras for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries —  My fiery spirit is welcome

Often a sign of impulsivity, you need your space to fully express who you are. Whereas you don’t need the permission, it can certainly help you feel more accepted and free to show yourself.

Taurus — I love all of who I am

You like some aspects of yourself more than others. Give yourself the room to love all parts of you deeply, compassionately, and fiercely.

Gemini — It’s okay to change my mind

Your mind is magical and always shifting. Give yourself permission to change when the feeling is right, because that is what Gemini is here to do!

Cancer — My confidence is always growing

Feeling comfortable in your own skin comes with time. See this as part of the unfolding journey, self-consciousness falls away and confidence takes its place.

Leo — I seek out what my soul needs

Asking for what you need comes naturally to you. You are in touch with the part inside of yourself that knows fulfillment comes when everything is aligned within.

Virgo — I honor the hidden parts of me

Your thought processes that operate behind the scenes are an extension of you. Pull what is hidden into the forefront of your mind and embrace everything as it is within you.

Libra — Vulnerability is my strength

Your love, emotion, and intuition allow you to make much needed space for others to heal. Give yourself this same curtesy you provide to others. 

Scorpio — I find freedom in being seen

Many types of mirrors exist to help you see yourself. This mindset is a practice that gets you closer in touch with your higher self.

Sagittarius — I am learning to trust myself

Self-doubt has no place in your decision making right now. The intuitive power of your heart and soul is the guide you need to follow.

Capricorn — My inner light is breaking through

What grows in the cracks is strong and resilient. Keep pushing through until you reach your fullest potential.

Aquarius — My relationships help me see the unseen

Your interactions with the world and others are you deepest strength at this time. What you seek outside is really what you need within.

Pisces — Each day is open and new

When you wake up each morning you have a blank canvas to fill. Be mindful of the beauty in each moment, fully present to what is happening now.

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