March 2020 Monthly Horoscopes - Dreams of Healing

March 2020 Monthly Horoscopes - Dreams of Healing

Many healing themes are present astrologically during the month of March. There is a balancing act between honoring what we need alongside the responsibility to take care of the needs of others. Find your center and stay present. This month is about making space for all things and all forms of expression within you, mending what is broken. Keep in mind that the energy is very gentle and subtle right now, things will not at first feel obvious, but start to unfold as you stay mindful and passionate. Keep the concept of nuance in mind.

Aries ♈︎

At the beginning of the month you may feel challenges arise in your relationships, especially in relation to power, authority, or a partner. There will be plenty of time to work through these energies following the Mercury retrograde later in the month. During this time, practice listening, and being open to your own intuitive energies. This will help you walk with authenticity and not compromise parts of yourself.

Gemstone: Ruby

Taurus ♉︎

The month of March can have a radical effect on your interactions with community and the world at large. You are being more open and merging with others and groups, discovering identity and how you want to move through the world. This can be a month when dreams are fulfilled regarding making friends and deeper connections with others. Check in with yourself to ensure you are spiritually and physically present to strengthen these budding relationships.

Gemstone: Jade

Gemini ♊︎

A sense of dreaminess is present, especially concerning how you relate to work and career. This is a wish fulfillment month, one in which you can reach for what it is you truly want or desire. You are feeling more malleable in your mind and able to stretch your ideas and perceptions. Mercury in retrograde for part of the month allows you to go within and be open to yourself and your needs. This helps you open and heal suppressed or blocked feelings.

Gemstone: Opal

Cancer ♋︎

You seek out validation this month, desiring to feel more supported on your path. This energy may come up in relationships and can be very confusing for you. There may be an internal restlessness or need to venture off on your own for a bit to figure things out. Use this time to sort through your personal feelings, separate from everyone else. This month has a very boundless energy about it and taking space to figure yourself out is an important step in the healing process.

Gemstone: Obsidian 

Leo ♌︎

Sharing yourself in physical space and relationship is the theme of this month. You want to connect with someone and this will require you to dissolve your walls, blocks, and boundaries on some level. You simply cannot hide right now. Let your lion energy be free and liberated. Even if you feel confused or unclear at times, know that you are on the right path. Let yourself fully be present with the people in your life.

Gemstone: Amethyst

Virgo ♍︎

Partnerships are in focus right now and there is an opportunity for growth in this area. A new perspective is available at this time in how you approach or relate to a partner. You are feeling communication is lacking, but emotional connection is growing. Search for your personal center within these ideas. You love to communicate through conversation and language, but the Universe is asking that you try a different method out for the time being.

Gemstone: Howlite

Libra ♎︎

Give yourself some space this month. If you have been very busy at work or with family obligations, it may be time to take a small break. Wellness should be the focus right now. Making changes to your fitness or other wellness routine should always involve a good amount of self-care and checking in. Your dreams and sleep should also improve during this time. Stay aware and present to each moment this month, especially when it comes to interacting with co-workers. These relationships have an opportunity to bring you beautiful and new insights.

Gemstone: Moonstone

Scorpio ♏︎

Creative self-discovery is your theme right now and a pathway to deeper healing. You need to experience yourself and be in the world. There is a gentle energy that is pressing upon your soul to expand and merge with others. This is best done through creative and connecting outlets. Spend time with people right now, get to know them and really get to know yourself. There is a profound authenticity that is taking place here. Connections may be temporary but transformative.

Gemstone: Garnet

Sagittarius ♐︎

Some confusion may be present surrounding a family issue or a close loved one. In order to find clarity you will need to generate some space between you and relationships. The tendency right now is to mix your feelings with those of others, and people are likely to get more offended with the current planetary trends. Make sure you are speaking and taking action from heart center, a place of steady compassion, and presence of mind. You have the opportunity to too some healing work regarding family relationships.

Gemstone: Lava

Capricorn ♑︎

Profound shifts come to you in the way of growth and intuition. You may be sleeping better and having intense dreams and visions at this time. Use this information, do your research, and dive into something that really interests you. There is room to realize and understand things from a broader and more spiritual space. Journey into meditation and deeper spaces of self to fully open, be with, and see yourself.

Gemstone: African Turquoise

Aquarius ♒︎

This month can feel a bit off at first as you adjust to the current energy. As things progress, however, you start to become more comfortable in your own skin and social circles. Your love and attraction towards someone may be growing right now or feel more intense than usual. Explore these rising feelings of passion and sense how you may integrate what emerges within your whole self and being. This is a period of change and shifting sands.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Pisces ♓︎

Growing more love, compassion, and kindness is possible for you this month. You are open and feel an expansive energy around your heart and heart center. As you come into alignment with yourself this month you are able to express your true emotions. You also come to accept that words are not always the best vehicle for this process, and that is okay. Healing happens through knowing who you and who you always have been.

Gemstone: Labradorite

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