March 2021 Monthly Horoscopes: Deep Breath

March 2021 Monthly Horoscopes: Deep Breath

With so much happening in life, the world, and our communities, we may find at times that we are holding our breath, both literally and figuratively. As if we are sort of waiting, almost too tense to let the breath or ourselves go. This month, allow yourself that space to take a deep breath. Make room for tension to be released and carried in the present moment. Enter into a mindset that is alert and aware, collected and mindful. Respond rather than react, using the breath as a tool to guide you through this moment in time. 


As the seasons change this month, you may have a sense of longing for something from the past. Your spirit is calling out to you to remember something ancient that you carry within you. This is deeper than the external and goes beyond what is seen into the inner-realms that exist at the heart of your being. Some things are poetically coming together for you, and this is a beautiful moment to express your unique gifts, talents, and abilities.

Gemstone: Garnet


The sacred realm of your subconscious soul will be trying to get your attention this month. One moment you are experiencing aspects of life you have always dreamed of, then the next you are being handed important lessons on your path. Treasure each moment while holding yourself in the highest possible regard. You are doing amazing spiritual work, even when progress seems slow. Try to steady your pace and ground more at this time through consistent spiritual practices. 

Gemstone: Jade


You have made it to the base of a symbolic mountain and are now deciding how you will approach this situation. Ask yourself if you will climb up, go around, or dig your way through. You have unlocked something in yourself recently that is acting as a guiding force in your life. Use your awakened spiritual gifts to carry you to the path that is meant for you. Don’t be shy about the questions you have. It is time to go within and discover some answers for yourself. 

Gemstone: Opal


You are garnering a lot of attention at this time for your abilities. It can be hard to stand out there independent of others, but let your resolve and convictions help you stay strong. There is very important spiritual work you are doing in the world. Practice mindfulness this month as much as you can manage. Staying present and coming back to the breath will allow you to stay aligned to your true purpose. Let your inner vision guide you.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


Some new spiritual gifts or abilities could be awakening in you. Manage the influx of spiritual experiences you could be having by meditating, sitting in contemplation, or fitting in more self-care. You could be connecting with your inner fire or the element of fire and spirit. The universe is helping you recognize some important aspects of your identity and how these can best be expressed through your external self, creative projects, or personal message. Allow your growing relationship with your spirituality to bleed into multiple areas of your life. 

Gemstone: Moonstone


A deep sense of creativity provides you with the inspiration you need to make or do something this month related to your spirituality. You are feeling the call to expand upon your practices and seek out the spirit of the universe. Let the longing and wonderment lead you to the resources, people, and experiences that you need right now. Open to the mystical energies that awaken the inner dimension of your soul. You are being drawn to very spiritual people right now, consider the possibilities of new people coming into your social circle. 

Gemstone: Labradorite


Let self-care be your guide this month. You have been unsure of how to properly take care of yourself, it may be time you ask someone for support or explore your resources. Self-care can mean many different things, start with something basic if you don’t know where to begin. Take a few deep breaths each day, relax in a one-minute meditation if that is all you have time for, stay hydrated. There is an emotional element to you at this time that needs gentle support and room for processing. 

Gemstone: Howlite


You are reminded at this time of your need for nature and to pay attention to the natural cycles of the Moon and Sun. The celestial energies are with you and if you truly listen, you can hear their rhythms running through your being. Let yourself be more sensitized to the shifts in the wind and weather. Notice when the Sunsets each day and check-in with yourself at that time. Be mindful of your mood as the day cycles through. This is a great month for taking better care of your wellness habits and routines. 

Gemstones: Amethyst


It is okay to say when you have had enough of something. Maybe you have reached your limit and just need to take a pause to collect yourself. Soft flexibility in how you are spending your time allows you to re-engage with your responsibilities when you feel ready. Get clear in your communications, some things may feel more emotional and harder for you to articulate. But a deliberate slowing down in your approach makes it so things can unfold in a way that feels alright for you. 

Gemstone: Tourmaline


You have a nurturing presence about you this month that blends with the current energies. There are people in your life who may be requesting your support. Honestly sit with these requests before committing to them. You have a tendency to impulsively join in things right now, before fully processing the emotional, physical, and spiritual layers that are present. Be mindful of the multifaceted existence of yourself and others. Approach people with love and honesty while only committing yourself to what you can realistically take on at this time. 

Gemstone: Lava


You feel the foundations you have built your life on are needing to be re-evaluated or reorganized in some way. This may require your creativity or ingenuity. Feel into the mood of your circumstances, notice how the physical and spiritual align. Pay closer attention to how things interact energetically. Being more mindful can help you see the interwoven threads of your life in the context of the bigger picture. This allows you to embody the essence of your truth rather than just think about it. 

Gemstone: African Turquoise


Your sense of playfulness is generously helping you in this present moment. There is a sense of sacred laughter accompanying your current ambitions. You have a deep desire to be seen and recognized for being special. Find a way to express your uniqueness with a healthy sense of pride. Later in the month, you are feeling more fired up and passionate about your life’s path. Let these energies support and inspire you towards a beautifully strong version of your self-identity. 

Gemstone: Rhodonite

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