May 2022 Monthly Horoscopes: Dynamic Self-Reflection

May 2022 Monthly Horoscopes: Dynamic Self-Reflection

This month brings opportunities for exploring the complexities of being, and there's space to be courageous in uncovering the truth of the self. Mercury begins a retrograde cycle on the 10th, which allows for a turn inward to self-reflect. Mid-month on May 15 is a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. The energy will tend to be deep, fiery, and emotional. This can awaken us to the areas of life that are ready for a transformation. May 2022 will represent major turning points and change. 


You manage a lot of moving pieces this month, able to embrace and take things on with passion. Patience and presence will be supportive energies for you to embody at this time. The more you can slow things down, the better you will tend to feel about the way things are unfolding. Life can appear to be moving quickly right now, but your ability to keep a steady tempo will get you through.  

Gemstone: Amazonite 


You experience deepening passion for the things you care about this month. Your heart is open right now and you are able to commune more easily with the energies around you. This leads you to step into roles that require you to share your skills of advocacy, care, and support. A protective nature is present at this time which allows you to create energetic boundaries more easily. Stand in your personal power and support others as needed. 

Gemstone: Obsidian 


You are ready to let something go at this time that will shuffle things around in your life. It is a necessary time for releasing and returning back to themes or events that are yet to be resolved. Reflect on your present moment in order to understand where you're at within the grand scheme of things. This is also a great time for embodiment practices that focus on increased self-love. You will tend to be more emotionally expressive as well, opening up to others with intention and presence. 

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz 


Your attention can return this month to a situation from the past. There is something that is ready to be processed. You might be in a period of doing some deep self-work and ready to face some aspects of events that you weren’t able to previously. There is an air of mystery and awakening of hidden elements at this time. Embrace the adventures of the unknown on your way towards truth. 

Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye 


Your heart overflows with feelings and self-expression this month. There is a tendency for things to feel off-beat or strange as the planets align in unique ways at this time. This helps you also awaken to and share aspects of yourself that are magically expansive. Let yourself be free in sharing what yearns to bubble up from your deep self. Your creativity is your tool right now to step into new sides of yourself. Play with artistry, illusion, and personas; don’t be afraid to be a little theatrical and over-the-top with it. 

Gemstone: Tourmaline


 You tend to keep yourself very busy this month with self-study and your personal practices. Staying on task or routine will require more effort, and you are ready for the challenges that are ahead. Your understanding of mindfulness is likely to expand right now as you deepen into your journey. Spiritual truths can be awakened and you are ready to embrace new layers of your experiences. Not everything will be uncovered at first, but you will get that inkling that there is more hiding beneath the surface of your explorations. 

Gemstone: Labradorite 


Taking a break from your usual routines is recommended. See if you can carve out some time for yourself or space for reflection. There can be a lot going on around you and it can help to just stop everything for a second and take a breather. Try to incorporate some restful mindfulness meditations into your days when possible. Notice when you encounter expanded information about a situation. You are able to come out of this month with some new perspectives as a result. 

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


You can take a look at things through a new lens. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 15th can mark a turning point for you. Use this time to propel you into deeper states of self-knowledge. Seek out your path and work on removing obstacles. Also, take your time and savor the moments of joy and pleasure that exist in between the challenges. You can mindfully appreciate the dynamism that is present all around you. 

Gemstone: Lava


You can overcome amazing feats this month. You’ve got a lot of potential to work with and are able to move into a deepening sense of self. Some events will tend to slow down right now, especially in regards to communication, messages, and the like. However, other areas of life will open for you. Spiritually you can unearth expanding truths and supportive insights for your current life’s path. Be gentle on yourself right now and take your time when making decisions. 

Gemstone: African Turquoise 


You uncover deeper layers of truth through a period of turning inward. Analyzing and looking at the nuance of yourself and your journey. You can see how things tie together with more ease, noticing the backdrop energies that create reality. This is an excellent time for rooting into meaningful connections with others and exploring your relationships within social circles, friendships, and with spiritual mentors. A more grounded and pragmatic approach will open new pathways for you. 

Gemstone: Moonstone


This is a great time for stepping into a state of balance. You are feeling aligned in who you are and can use this feeling of empowerment to be of service to yourself and others. You may have a growing desire to show up more openly in your communities. A need to employ patience will be a strong theme this month as well. Try to attune yourself to the natural flow and rhythms of what is happening around you. Strengthen your intuitive senses to know when to act and when to wait. 

Gemstone: Howlite


You tend to be more detail-oriented this month. A plethora of information tends to cross your path and you are busy sorting through it all. Take some space to understand the nuance of a situation. While there is a lot of energy to work with right now, it is also best to not jump into anything too hastily. Planning is key for you at this time. Let the motivation and inspiration fill you with ideas that you can enact one step at a time. Be in touch with the natural flow of things. 

Gemstone: Amethyst

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