Meditating with Crystals: 5 ways to use crystals in your practice

Meditating with Crystals: 5 ways to use crystals in your practice

There are many ways to meditate — with your breath, with a mantra, with your mala. The list goes on. We recommend to meditate in a way that works best for you, so that you'll keep doing it.

Some of our favorite things to bring into our meditation practice are crystals and gemstones. We use these beautiful stones to help with many things. From clearing space to helping clarify our intention.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate crystals into your mindfulness practice:


When meditating, we typically set up our physical space to prevent distraction and ensure we're feeling good.

A few things we like to do:

- set out our cushion

- choose our mala beds

- light some incense

- get our journal ready for post meditation reflection

- choose and lay out our crystals 

While you don't actually need any of the above to meditate, we find them helpful as they inspire us to get to our practice! The addition of crystals are not only beautiful, but have different associated quailites. For example, clear Quartz Crystal is believed to help clear the space and energy. 


Before our meditation practice, we like to set an intention. 

We do this by closing our eyes and getting clear on what we need in that moment. This is also how we choose a mantra for our meditation (read more here

But you can also use a crystal as a physical manifestation of this intention.

For example, if you’re meditating on love in your practice that day, we suggest setting up rose quartz crystals around you. For grounding, smokey quartz. For power and fearlessness, we turn to obsidian. When embracing serendipity, we use labradorite.


Many people use gemstones and crystals in their meditations.

We like to hold the crystal in our hands while repeating a mantra. Or, if we have a smooth stone, we rub the stone with our thumb while holding it in the palm of our hand.

We've also used the crystals in meditation by placing them on their chakras (the body's seven energy points).


Of course, our favorite way to use gemstones and crystals in meditation is our mala beads! 

To learn how to use mala beads, watch this quick video. Much like point 2, they help you to choose and set an intention. They also help to physically guide a practice, giving you something to focus on while in your sit.


Full moons are a beautiful opportunity to cleanse and charge your gemstones and crystals.

It's believed the energy of the moon can help to re-set, re-charge and cleanse the energy held in crystals.

We like to take this chance to do a meditation welcoming the new moon, cleanse, and reset our intentions. We also leave our out overnight to be cleansed by the moonlight.  

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