Meet Mala's Astrologer, Emma!

Meet Mala's Astrologer, Emma!

If you're part of our Mala Collective community, you know that at the end of each month we create and send out monthly horoscopes. These horoscopes have become a company ritual that we all look forward to each and every month. 

With that being said, we wanted to let you know that we have an actual Astrologer write and create these horoscopes each month. She is amazing and today we want to share her with you. Get ready to meet the incredible, Emma!

Who is Emma?

Emma is an astrologer that has been studying and practicing astrology for the past 10 years. She attended Portland School of Astrology in 2013 shortly after moving to Portland, Oregon which gave her a solid foundation of astrological training. Emma loves to attend astrology conferences and workshops in order to connect with other astrologers in the community. She would describe her astrological style as casual, earthy, and intuitive.

Emma began freelance writing in 2016, finding her niche on websites related to spirituality, astrology, and the occult. Her horoscopes, articles, and other work can be found across different platforms on applications, blogs, and websites. She also has her own online home at—where she offers readings, articles, and learning.

Emma has a mostly animist worldview and sees herself, others, and nature as an interweaving of divine, spiritual energy. She is inspired by art, soulful music, deep study, looking at the night sky, seeking personal gnosis, beauty, herbalism, hospice work, being in the woods, and all the experiential and sensuous aspects of being human.

We decided to get to know Emma a little more, so here's a short + sweet Q&A we did with her:

How do you practice mindfulness?

Mindfulness is something I need to constantly remind myself to practice, it doesn’t come easily to me. Often times, I feel my mind running far ahead of me and I have to gently bring myself back into the present moment. If I start my day off with a mindfulness meditation, I notice it is much easier to access that energy later in the day when I encounter something that feels off or uncomfortable. I also like to get to places or events early, so I can kind of mindfully tune in with myself, breath, relax, or whatever is needed prior to engaging with others.

What is your daily meditation practice?

I wake up early, around 5 or 6 in the morning every day to make time for my daily spiritual practice. I realize this very quiet space in the morning is when I get the most out of my meditations. My daily practice is a sort of sitting practice. I take long deep breaths until I feel myself as a sort of receiver for the energy around me. I don’t tend to do a lot of visualizations or prompts for myself, but settle into the silence and receptivity; listening to what I consider my soul.

What are your favorite gemstones?

Moldavite is by far my favorite gemstone, it feels like an old friend and I wear a big chunk of it on a ring that I rarely ever take off. I also really enjoy the gentle energies of emerald and selenite, but prefer the slightly more intense feelings I get from azurite, kyanite, and black tourmaline—at least for me this is how it feels!

How do you ground yourself?

Grounding is so, so important to me. I like to lay on the actual ground, in the grass, or outside somewhere. I am a floor dweller for sure. Other things I do to stay centered are carry snacks, water, and a small chunk of black tourmaline in my bag. If needed, I also do a meditation visualizing myself as roots that reach deep into the earth. I have tried a lot of things over the years, but these tend to be the ones that have stayed the most constant for me.

What led you to astrology?

I was always drawn towards the expansive beauty of the night sky. I am also a painter and discovered my passion for painting images of the Sun, Moon, and stars when I was young, always kind of attracted to the cyclical nature of the world and the changing seasons—which the practice of astrology easily roots into. 

As a teenager I really just began structuring my world view around people’s signs, To be honest I became pretty obsessive about it, like so many of us astrology enthusiasts tend to do! It was hard even to interact with people without knowing their sign for a while. I have become much more realistic about the limits of astrology or any system really if we get to narrowly focused in one lane.

My brain took a while to get into the nitty gritty details of astrology. Once I started attending the school in Portland, I kind of “accelerated” my learning and consumed as much information as I could. I didn’t really discover that I wanted to write or that I could even write about astrology until I started my blog in 2015. I practice an earth-based spirituality and have started plans for a book that explores the Earth within the context of astrology.

What is your sign?

I am a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon, and Taurus Rising.

The Sun in my chart is right between Saturn and Neptune, which could be interpreted as a constant tension to find the center within the dreamy, mystical and the earthy, practical. Which from the outside, describes me pretty accurately!

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