Balancing the Heart & Mind

Balancing the Heart & Mind

What in your life needs to be re-set or re-evaluated? October is all about balance, restoration, and wellness. The beginning of the month is focused on the external, while the ending of the month brings us a turn inward. A transformative energy is all around, helping us to approach life from a place of presence and peace. Remember to breath, be mindful, and open to the possibilities of the month ahead!


 Aries ♈︎

Relationships are in focus for you this month. You may be feeling pressure from a partner or friend to be more present and grounded as you wrestle with the human desire for more freedom. Stay mindful of your deepest heart’s desires while also maintaining a realistic sense of responsibility. This month is about finding a middle ground, compromising, and engaging in win-win situations! Approaching life from a place of love will get you the results you envision.

Gemstone: Lava


Taurus ♉︎

Work is on your mind at this time. A key focus for you will be on finding a balance between work and play. You crave a little unpredictability while at the same time need a sense of stability. Insights will deepen as you find clarity on your path this month. A mindful approach will help you be open, flexible, and ready to take the middle ground. Putting in effort towards being social and outgoing will have great payoff for you at this time!

Gemstone: Labradorite


Gemini ♊︎

A spiritually creative month is ahead for you. You are sensing the energetic impulse of the universe and broadening your perspectives and connections. Conversations will tend to be intellectual and heady. As you expand your social circles this month be mindful to invite the kind of relationships in that you want to have. You create your own reality, everything first manifests in the mind. Meditation is your form of mental and spiritual exercise.

Gemstone: Howlite


Cancer ♋︎

An experience with the power of silence is just what you need right now, however, a dynamic energy is present in your life at the moment posing a challenge in your search for silent contemplation. Perseverance is your word for the month. Your meditation practice is likely to bring you profound insights, stick with it! The things worthwhile and that you want to experience the most require the patience and strength you already have within. You will find a balance between effort and effortlessness.

Gemstone: Turquoise


Leo ♌︎

Having a strong sense of self in the world is very important to you. This month you take a step back to evaluate and review who you truly are on the inside. A meaningful conversation with a friend or someone you admire in your local community will have a profound impact on your worldview. Take time to follow this thread of thought. Contemplate what it means to be in balance with self and psyche. The energizing life-force you carry with you will be noticed by others and spark creative, meaningful connections.

Gemstone: Moonstone


Virgo ♍︎

Your energy takes on a more serious tone as you come in contact with increased responsibilities this month. There are decisions that need to be made regarding your resources, income, and finances. Take a mindful approach to these moments. As you encounter each and every option stay present and in touch with your own intuition. Your inner guidance will help keep you on the path that feels right. Getting organized brings a refreshing sense of balance.

Gemstone: Amazonite


Libra ♎︎

A joyous month of celebration is in store for you. There is a positive vibration flowing around you. The people, work, and events you are involved in bring a much needed energizing effect on your inner spirit. You feel nourished and at peace in the deepest sense. A discovery of meaning and spiritual purpose propel you forward towards a balanced sense between stability and freedom. Put your energy towards co-creating the life you envision for yourself.

Gemstone: Rhodonite


Scorpio ♏︎

The insights  of your inner world are what drive you at this time. A feeling of unlocking something hidden or your wisdom within surrounds you. Seeking out friends and colleagues for support is likely as this month is about finding self in relationship. Other people are your mirror and help you analyze and discover what truly lays beneath. Meditation and other spiritual practices are deeply healing, helping you merge with the All of the Universe.

Gemstone: Silver


Sagittarius ♐︎

Hope and faith in the bigger picture drives you to see things through to the end. You want your work in the world to have meaning and provide a light to others. With a positive sense of self and being you share with others a much needed energy boost. This is a very social month for you, likely to be very busy. Be conscientious of your physical and inner needs for nourishment. Self-care, rest, and mindfulness help keep everything in balance for you.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


Capricorn ♑︎

Dynamic career changes are taking place this month. Your role in the workplace is shifting and you may be resistant to these positive changes at first! The task this month is surrender, let yourself be carried by the powerful and loving embrace of the universe. There is a sacred plan being weaved in each moment. The interconnectedness of you with others on this planet requires you to be in flow. Try yoga or another spiritually minded exercise to settle into the physical space of inner peace and balance.

Gemstone: Opal


Aquarius ♒︎

Expanding your mind is the goal at this time. You want to learn, grow, and be seen in intellectual spaces. There is much energy surrounding your mind and the power of your thoughts. With your thoughts you create your reality. The fulfillment you seek will be easier to find when you engage with content you find nourishing and of substance. Finding a teacher to study with, especially a spiritual teacher, can help guide you on your path and open you up to new and wonderful insights.

Gemstone: Jade


Pisces ♓︎

Keeping your dreams alive is essential to your spiritual health and happiness. You are feeling magnanimous and open, desiring to share your artistic soul with others. There is a deep connection taking place on a subconscious level between you and the dreaming realm. You want to bring these dreams into conscious form, create, and discover the deeper archetypal meaning behind them. Take your meditation practice to the next level this month. Add in chanting or rhythmic drumming and remember always come back to the breath.

Gemstone: Ruby

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