New Moon in Aquarius: Spreading Friendship

New Moon in Aquarius: Spreading Friendship

Aquarius is symbolic of friendship and inclusion. With the energy of tonight's New Moon we're able to infuse our lives with these energies.

The New Moon is for setting intentions and starting something new. How can we include more people and allow for a greater sense of openness and love in our world? What new energy can we bring to these themes?

Powered by the Aquarius New Moon energy we take an inventory of our own self and behavior. Taking note of ways in which we make a difference, even if on a small scale. We can stay mindful of how we approach challenging topics, difficult moments, and complex social situations.

During this time we want to celebrate the unique vision each person has for themselves and their life. We are called to support each other in this endeavor.

By spreading positive social vibes during the New Moon in Aquarius we can contribute to a stronger more inclusive society. During this time allow bridges to be built and allow yourself to ask where someone else may be coming from. Aquarius will look at all sides of an argument, all angles, and stay neutral in the process.

During this we can use our sense of judgement for good in order to build a society we are proud to be a part of. Aquarius’ friendship energy is broad and wide reaching. We can align ourselves with the movements we are passionate about, help others in need, and be more open to sharing what makes us unique and what connects us.

Make a commitment during this New Moon in Aquarius to spread friendship through a greater sense of love, kindness, and understanding. Learn as much as you can about something or someone in order to make wiser, more informed decisions about who and what you choose to align yourself with.

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