New Moon in Capricorn + Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Capricorn + Partial Solar Eclipse

The New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 6th 2019 along with a partial solar eclipse. During this Lunar phase the intensity of the Sun is combined with the nurturing energy of the Moon. While the New Moon is taking place in Capricorn this is a great time to evaluate where we may be putting too much pressure on ourselves. We can ease up on ourselves a bit knowing we are right where we need to be.

This is the perfect time to evaluate the actions we are taking and why. How are we constructing our sense of identity while adding to the layers that make us who we are? The Capricorn New Moon is gifting us with a new sense of purpose and clarity. We are able to shed any need to perform to the world, be perfect, or fit the expectations of others. At this New Moon we have a stronger resolve and ability to choose for ourselves how we move through our life journey.

One way we can check in with ourselves this New Moon is by having a mindful approach to our actions. We can bet to the bottom of what our motivations are so we can more clearly be able to decide if we are responding to external or internal pressures. Knowing the place our actions are driven from can allow us to better understand the structure of our life.

With the addition of a partial solar eclipse as well we may find it slightly more challenging to get in touch with particular energies during this time. With Saturn, our teacher planet, also in Capricorn during this New Moon we are pressed even deeper to do the spiritual work. We will have to dig deep in order to discover what is pushing us froward in life. The New Moon in Capricorn brings out a sense of responsibility along with amazing self-growth reward when we put the work in!


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