New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini

This month sees a playful, light New Moon in Gemini gracing us with its witty and curious energies. Gemini, the sign of the twins, is endlessly adaptable and forever inquisitive, wanting to learn everything that they can, and always on the lookout for something new to fill their lives with variety.

This New Moon, therefore, is an opportunity to embrace change and allow more lightness and playfulness into our lives. We can set intentions around picking up a new skill, finishing that book we have been placing to the side or even studying something quick and easy. Gemini doesn’t do long–haul or too much commitment, and like the social butterfly they are, they flit from person to person, topic to topic, always tasting something a little different. This is a wonderful time to make connections with people we have always wanted to, and to venture out and explore different crowds and places.

Mercury, the communication planet in charge of this New Moon, is also in the sign of witty Gemini, making this an extra- talkative and chatty period. We may feel tempted to sow as many seeds as we can, as our minds could be spilling over with fresh new ideas – and we should not hold ourselves back! The result of the seeds we plant now can be very exciting indeed as we watch the growth unfold over the next several months. New Moon intentions often last for at least 6 months until the Full Moon in the same sign, and hence whatever we do now can have a rather long-lasting effect.

One thing to be aware of over this New Moon is the sometimes-confusing influence of the planet Neptune – we will need to be quite sure of our intentions and of others’, and ensure we check all the facts and details before heading off on our new ventures. If we don’t, we may come up short or be a bit disappointed that we missed something really important.

For example, if we decide to move home or buy a property now, we should definitely check, and double-check that our new landlords, roommates or tenants are the “real deal” and that the home itself is in proper shape! Gemini is often a sign that gets easily confused and scattered, or does too much at once, so slowing down over this New Moon is essential for stability and success. We will also need to ensure that the promises we make over this time are promises that we can keep – it may be easy to say that we can take on all the things, but harder to keep up with them! Hence, becoming aware of our limits and being responsible for our words and actions is essential.

All in all, this new Moon promises a fun, lighter energies than most New Moons, and we could feel quite restless over these few days. Picking up a new skill over this time or finding ways to channel busy mental energies could be very beneficial in the long run!

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