New Moon Pisces

New Moon Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces today (March 6th) marks the beginning of our Lunar cycle. As we connect with this deep and emotional energy available at this time, the New Moon themes of Pisces relate directly to setting spiritual goals and intentions, developing intuition, and accessing our ability for compassion.

Pisces is a water sign so when the Sun and Moon meet up here for the New phase of this cycle we are operating through this lens. The water signs, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, are known for their ability to access deep emotions, psychic gifts, and spiritual practices. During the New Moon in Pisces, meditations may seem more visual, real, and boundless. One of Pisces spiritual gifts is getting into transcendental meditation spaces.

Observing your own relationship to spiritual dimensions and boundaries may come up at this time. Your experiences through visualization, mindfulness, and dreaming can become more vivid and real. There is a deep sense of belonging that can be created through this current energy pattern.

During the Pisces New Moon you may choose to engage in meditations aimed at enhancing your intuition, third eye, and exploring spiritual dimensions. This is also a very creative Moon. If you paint, draw, make music, create stories, practice yoga, write, or any other creative outlets; you will find a sensitive undercurrent permeates your work.

Another theme of the New Moon in Pisces is the concept of service and being of service. Pisces is associated with compassion, helping, and volunteering. During this time, set goals and contemplate how you may be of service to your community in both a formal or informal capacity.

When the Moon is resting in a water sign, our experiences become more emotionally enhanced and sensitive. Pisces represents an energy of osmosis and the New Moon in Pisces this March 2019 allows us to deeply feel and experience the boundlessness of space and time.

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