November 2020 Horoscopes: Deepening Actions

November 2020 Horoscopes: Deepening Actions

The month ahead first takes us deep within, then propels us out into the external world. This will be a month of taking action with purpose and meaning — of using one’s mind and consciousness for bettering the world around us. Shifting perception grants us a new vantage point from which to see. There will be energy put toward taking things apart then putting them back together both on the personal and transpersonal levels.


The center of your heart is soft and receptive, hidden behind a tough exterior this month. You are seeking a more vulnerable way of being, tapping into the fluid energy that represents the changing nature of your emotions. This month you are likely to feel intense passion and longing for spiritual growth. Rushing head first into something is the form this desire may take, with the middle of the month feeling especially potent. Mindfully, consider taking a step back before taking a step forward.

Gemstone: Howlite


Your capacity for love increases this month and radiates to those you are closest with. Your spirit is seeking comfort in the shared experience of others. Potential to upend the way things are and to go a different direction may be presented to you. You hold onto the routines that keep you grounded while opening to the unforeseen things that keep life interesting. New spiritual practices may be undertaken right now, especially with a partner or close friend.

Gemstone: Obsidian


Pay closer attention to the daily energies that impact your experience. You are seeing things in a way that sharpens your focus at this time. When you confront something that has been bothering you, you can feel relief. Focus your mind on being free and thinking for yourself. The influence of others can easily cloud your judgement this month, and you are wanting to develop your own theories and thought patterns.

Gemstone: Labradorite


Let yourself invent and be creative. You can make something very beautiful this month, facilitating gentle moments of authenticity and kindness with your peers and family members. Embrace your emotional gifts and ability to feel what is present. Use sincerity to remain mindful of yourself and of those around you. Fulfillment and abundance flows more readily when you are attuned to your environment rather than denying its reality.

Gemstone: Lava


You will want to be closer to home this month, journeying within. Spiritual matters and questions or concerns around beliefs could come up at this time. Go with it, and allow yourself to ask questions. Invite new opinions in, even if they don’t fully resonate at first. Intellectually explore the meaning behind what you are feeling, sensing, and knowing. Stay present with the perspectives that give you something real to believe in.

Gemstone: Amazonite


Be open to engaging with others this month. More time socializing and connecting can be very beneficial for you at this time. You are needing to branch out and include more experiences into your daily life. Expand what is possible while also remaining honest with what resonates and what doesn’t. Getting closer with others requires a truer sense of vulnerability, meditate on what this means as a part of your unfolding journey.

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz


You approach right now with more certainty and ease around trying to obtain your vision of success. Venus in your sign this month, is a helpful and gentle energy for creating cooperation and collaboration. Consider all facts and evidence regarding a particular situation. Your judgement is very clear at this time and helpful to those around you. Share your opinions when the timing is right for greater impact on developing events. 

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


Speaking truth comes easily, in fact, it is hard to keep anything contained that is ready to be shared. You freely vocalize and state what you feel is necessary at this time. Sharper intuition makes it so you are direct and on point. Be aware if others are wanting to hear what you have to say or not. Discernment is a useful tool to employ this month for setting up interactions with more ease.

Gemstone: Amethyst


Sparks of inspiration permeate your subconscious this month, but will need to be gently teased out of you. There are things hiding within that are ready to be identified and named. Be ready to dig deep into your self-identity at this time. There is potential to experience yourself in a new way. Use your brilliance to push these expanding parts of your personality through. Be fearless in your approach to telling your story.

Gemstone: Tourmaline


It is time you allow others to actually see you. Embrace the characteristics that make you stand out. You have a lot to provide within your sphere of influence. Acute perception should not be taken for granted. Settle into an expert mindset in order to fully delve into and get to know a topic. Your ability to stay focused and mindful while at the same time relaxed, makes everything flow with what is natural.

Gemstone: Moonstone


How people perceive you will be shifting this month. Things are getting more focused and more intense. You are embracing your own sense of power and learning how to use this to help, heal, and bring more empathy into the world. Use your gift of insight to be present with what is needed right now. Career and other activities related to the external world are where your energy is best applied.

Gemstone: African Turquoise


A restless energy is with you this month that gives you a desire to travel or learn something new. You are feeling the urge to break free from the mundane in order to make more space for digging deep and going within. Use your spirituality or intuition to take you on a journey of the mind and soul. Research in which ways you can incorporate all that you have learned into becoming.

Gemstone: Rhodonite

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