October 2020 Monthly Horoscope - Peaceful Heart

October 2020 Monthly Horoscope - Peaceful Heart

This month the energy slows and Mars remains in retrograde, seemingly putting a pause on our drive and motivation. As things may feel more frustrated or tense than they may normally, use this time to seek your own inner sense of peace. We are able to tap into our own sources of comfort and look to our individual inner landscapes for validation, support, and graciousness. The month starts off with a Full Moon, heightening our awareness of the peaceful balance we are seeking to embody.


How you relate to the people in your social life, at work, and in partnerships is the theme for this month. You are likely more open to sharing than you might normally be, with an inner vision that is growing stronger each day. Use some of your inward focus to help you work through challenges or difficult emotions. If you feel your energy scattering out of your control, use some mindfulness techniques to bring you back into the present moment. Most things are not as tense as they seemed after the fact.

Gemstone: Autumn Jasper


You recognize this month the need to keep some emotional distance from something happening in the day to day. There is a chance to balance and temper something you have been putting your energy towards. You reach a state of inner calmness this month, a place of surrender to what is and what exists around you. There are plenty of opportunities to share your work with the world at this time. A need to be of service, support, and strength to others is prominent.

Gemstone: Jade 


You approach this month with a persona of eloquence and poise. You are seeking balance through creativity and self-expression—in healthy ways of showing the world what you know, believe, and feel. A more intellectual approach to your work and relationships is likely right now. When you engage with others from a heart space that is neutral, you are better able to read the energy while still offering compassion with an ability to listen to what others have to say.

Gemstone: Garnet


You seem to make a statement this month in sharing your opinions or perspectives with others. This can be helpful—and somewhat confronting— to those who hear your message. Stick with it, especially if your intuition is leading the way. When you tune into what you know is true at your core you cannot be steered wrong. Things will have a way of magically working out exactly as they are meant to.

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz


This month, you are closely aligned and in touch with your local community, finding support where you need it. Sometimes it can be hard for you to ask for help, but giving and receiving in balance is a theme of the current energy. You mindfully understand this month that you need to be open in this exchange. There is an opportunity for you to make a difference right now based on how you show up for others in need.

Gemstone: Rhodonite


It takes some getting used to, but you are opening up to being more forthright with your needs and not just keeping them to yourself. You are mindfully able to reveal to others what is going on with you in a healthy, positive, and uplifted way at this time. There is greater balance in how you are performing acts of self-love. You feel more freedom and authority to just be who you want to be without fear.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


This is an excellent month to express yourself in the world and show others your inner spirit. You are unfolding to each moment and taking into account the deeper longings of your soul. This tends to be an emotional time, one of transition and changes. As you work to arrange everything to go according to a specific plan, remember to keep a little leeway in mind to let things flow as they need to go this month. You will be surprised by the synchronicity that follows as a result!

Gemstone: Amazonite


Generously communicating your feelings at this time, you are able to gain a handle on when things needs to be said and when they don’t. You are learning about sharing in balance with silence this month. As you mindfully gain wisdom on what it means to belong, you see that the people around you accept you wherever you are at. Try to practice heart-centered meditations this month if you feel you are getting lost in the complexities of your thoughts.

Gemstone: Moonstone 


You are working on something big right now, knowing the results of which are a big part of your purpose or life path. You feel a great sense of meaning and belonging at this time. The friends and community you have surrounded yourself with recognize your skills and abilities. You mindfully are learning to express what you are naturally good at in balance with what you are learning through your constant unfoldment with life and being.

Gemstone: African Turquoise 


Your ability to show up, work hard, and be responsible are qualities many people admire in you. But you are hoping to show others another side of you at this time. There is a part of you that is trying to express something else as a part of your journey. Finding a middle ground, through mindfulness practices, allows for direction and clarity from your inner Self. Talking with trusted mentors brings you the guidance you could be looking for at this time.

Gemstone: Howlite 


Your world view is changing, and you are having to integrate new ways of thinking or philosophizing about life at this time. As you work to understand the cycles of change and transformation, you are confronted with important lessons of what it means to grow through each present moment. Temper the energy this month by practicing mindfulness a little bit more each day. As you do, intuitive wisdom will start to blossom while also grounding you to something tangible.

Gemstone:  Lava


You bring a much needed brightness and solar energy to others right now, with many gifts to share. Throughout the month you are experiencing moments where you get to lend your kindness, love, or generosity to another. At the same time, you are also able to receive these things. This month, you are easily able to embody a balancing energy between the Solar-external principle and the Lunar-internal principle.

Gemstone: Labradorite

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