Pacha Mama: Sun — Nourishing the Light

Pacha Mama: Sun — Nourishing the Light

This is part of our Pacha Mama guided mediation series. The meditations honor Mother Earth through Sun, Moon, Earth and Water. You can view the series here: Pacha Mama Collection.

The sun is the source of life on this planet and as such it has been worshiped since the beginning of time. Many traditional cultures held a practice in which each day began with a prayer of gratitude for the sun. It was understand that our thanks was a way of being in reciprocity with this divine light. I don’t believe that we need to learn a specific form of prayer in order to appreciate the gift of the sun each day, and in fact gratitude is often a feeling that goes well beyond words.

As poet Mary Oliver says-

Do you think there is anywhere
in any language,
a word billowing enough for the pleasure that fills you
as the sun reaches out,
as it warms you,
as you stand there, empty-handed?

With our meditation practice today we will drop into the feeling space of gratitude and reverence for the source of light and of warmth which nourishes our lives here on earth.

So let us begin.

    • Take a moment to establish a comfortable position now. It may be seated or reclining. Any position that allows you to relax your body, drop into your heart, and receive the sound of my voice.
    • Feel all the places where you body is in contact with support and allow those places to relax fully, so you are not using excess effort to hold your position.
    • Allow your eyes to be soft, or close them all the way if that is comfortable for you.
    • Relax your jaw, soften your shoulders, let your belly move with your breath.
    • Now bring your attention to the space of your heart and allow your awareness to rest there. If you like you may place your hands on your heart to deepen that connection.

The yogic traditions believed that the entire universe was contained within us and often compared the spiritual light of the heart with the radiant light of the sun. The spiritual light of our hearts can be felt through our human capacity for love. Love can be expressed in may ways, some of which are appreciation and gratitude.

Take a moment to feel into those qualities of being now. They are always present, and lie just below the surface of our busy thoughts, waiting for our attention.

You know the feeling of appreciation. You know the feeling of gratitude. Go ahead and drop into that space now. Be nourished by it.

As you continue to sit here feeling into the space of your own heart, also begin to expand your awareness to include the energy of the sun above you.

Whether it is daytime or night, the sun is there. Whether it is cloudy or bright, know and remember that the sun shines continually, offering its warmth to the earth.

Feel the sun above you and the heart within you as one and the same.

Receive the nourishing love of the sun and offer your gratitude back. Enjoy this divine reciprocity. I will hold space for you to work with this practice for one full minute of silence. Stay with your breath and savour the ease of giving and receiving without words.


    • Now take a deep breath in and a slow breath out. Come back to the present moment slowly, and without rushing.
    • As you prepare to move into the rest of your day take this awareness with you. Move through your day with a remembrance of of and gratitude for the relationship between you and the sun, the source of light and of life that nourishes us all.

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