Pacha Mama: Water — Healing Ease

Pacha Mama: Water — Healing Ease

This is part of our Pacha Mama guided mediation series. The meditations honor Mother Earth through Sun, Moon, Earth and Water. You can view the series here: Pacha Mama Collection.

“If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water” ~ Loren Eiseley

71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, and is one of the primary substances needed to support life. As infants our bodies are made up of 75% water, and as adults water still makes up a full 60% of our body weight. Water is part of who we are, and a large part of what makes life on this planet possible.

However, while water is something we need in order to live, we also turn to it when we want to be soothed or comforted. Most people find the experience of laying in a warm bath, floating on a quiet lake, or sitting by the ocean to be practices that bring peace.

As babies in our mother’s wombs we floated in amniotic waters and on some level I think we still remember what it felt like to be nourished and held in that way. While we cannot return to the womb I think that each of us has our own relationship to certain bodies of water that help us to feel a similar sense of safety and ease.

In this practice I am going to guide you into a meditative practice that will support you in invoking the healing support of water through remembrance and visualization. In a way we will create our own inner water temple.

This practice can be done seated or reclining, so take a moment to make yourself comfortable now.

    • Arrange your body so that you are free from excess effort or tension and can relax completely.
    • Soften your eyes and your jaw. Relax your shoulders and let go any holding in your belly.
    • Allow your breath to flow through you like waves moving up and down a sandy beach….

Staying relaxed in your body and fluid in your breath, now begin to imagine yourself in the presence of water. Notice where you mind takes you.

Perhaps a favourite lake, where you can rest on the dock in the moonlight…

Or maybe listening to the sound of the waves crashing on your favourite shoreline….

My favourite body of water is a river, flowing through a deep valley, nourishing trees and fields as it goes….If I allow myself to be quiet I can hear the sound of the river in my mind now….

Allow yourself to remember warm pools, quiet creeks, or summer rains….simply be at ease and allow yourself to be both soothed and nourished by your knowledge of water.

Continue with this practice on your own while I hold silence for one minute.

Allow the power of water to soften your hard edges and wash away any lingering tension from your mind.


    • Now without rushing, begin to come back to the present moment.Take a deep breath in and a slow breath out.
    • Resting here allow yourself to pause and express your gratitude for the healing power of water in your life. Send that gratitude out, along with your prayers for the continued health of the earths waters.
    • As you move into your day know that you can come back to your own water temple whenever you have need.

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