Planting Seeds of Presence

Planting Seeds of Presence

December marks a time of change and transition. When we get to this time of year we are starting to wrap things up and prepare for the next year’s cycle. At this time the energy is internally focused and feels like a slow evolution happening on a deep cellular level. The month of December is a blend of receptivity and activity. Finding our presence within this context will be our strength and our challenge at this time.

 The end of the month is the solstice when the Sun moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn. This marks the changing of the seasons and the time of year when we retreat and take a step back to reflect and contemplate. At the same time, a major Jupiter transit is taking place that only happens once a year, a theme of spiritual openness and a deep assessment of personal beliefs and perceptions will start to take place now. Seeds that are planted during this time will grow into greater awareness, learning, and presence to your inner light and guidance as the year progresses.

Aries ♈︎



This is a spirited month for you! Your energy levels will be up and your awareness is heightened. You seem to be energized by social interaction and are finding the people in your life inspiring, helpful, and supportive. During this month, you are drawn to seek out individuals that can help you in your quest to obtain deeper knowledge and wisdom. You want to learn at this time and are in search of truth. Overall, you want answers and are willing to put in extra effort this month to get them! Be mindful of who you are learning from, do your research, and make sure your values align with those of your teachers.



Gemstone: Obsidian



Taurus ♉︎



Things feel very deep for you this month. You are finding that your emotional intuition is increasing and you are able to look behind the veil. With increased awareness like you are experiencing you will start to find your interactions with others are taking place on a more profound level of connection. You are sensing the energy being exchanged between you and someone close to you and understand how your mood, presence, and overall vibration interacts with your environment. Be mindful of what you are projecting into the world as there is much power and force with you at this time.



Gemstone: Amazonite



Gemini ♊︎



Your relationships are in focus this month. Close ties you have with someone else are getting stronger and you find your passion increasing for life in general. This is an excellent time to get involved with someone or something new. There is ample amounts of energy supporting you and bringing you into this present moment. A sense of destiny, belief, and questioning all may infiltrate your mind. You are a curious person by nature and will want to investigate where these thoughts are coming from and what they mean for you. Meditation is key at this time. With so much information flooding in you will need an outlet for calming and quieting the mind.



Gemstone: Smokey Quartz



Cancer ♋︎



This month will feel extra busy for you; errands to run, people to see, events to plan. It may feel busier than you prefer, but you have all the strength to see this month through so don’t loose heart! Planning is your friend this month. Make a list and organize everything that is going on for you. Remember that it is okay to say, ‘no’ if you have too many commitments on your plate already. Self-care is important as is staying mindful to your body’s need for rest, hydration, and nourishment. Enjoy yourself while also taking care of yourself!



Gemstone: Rudraksha



Leo ♌︎



This month seems to give you exactly what you need and then some. You find you have extra of something — be that time, positivity, energy…something is working overtime in your favor! Take advantage of this universal abundance and channel it into something you have been wanting to do or create. This is an excellent time for you to put serious energy and responsibility towards something you are truly passionate about. You find your creativity is spot on and you are able to masterfully navigate even the most difficult of situations this month. Be mindful of this window of opportunity, when inspiration hits that is the moment to starting making something happen!



Gemstone: Autumn Jasper



Virgo ♍︎



A step back from the outside world is in order for you right now. A dynamic energy is present that may be feeling like things are a bit too much and a retreat is necessary. Take the time you need and break from your everyday responsibilities if you can! Use this time to nourish your bonds with family and close friends. Carve out sacred space, meditate, and be alone with yourself to contemplate and assess how things are going for you overall. Great insights will be opening up for you at this time, and the moments you spend in solitude will be immensely serene yet spiritually productive.



Gemstone: Pyrite

Libra ♎︎



Family and close friends are gathering around you this month. You are shining with a brilliance and light that is drawing people towards you. During this time you are taking on the role of connector and networker and will be able to help others find a common ground. You are craving community and being with others. A spirit of socialization, lively debates, and interesting conversations are more than likely for you at this time. Enjoy and invite in these growth experiences and opportunities to hear new perspectives from others. Mindfulness and presence brings you even closer to those you love.



Gemstone: Amethyst



Scorpio ♏︎



This month is a balance between what you need and what you desire. Themes around your personal values and relationships will come up for you at this time. The universe is asking that you take an honest look at some areas of your life…and make changes if that is what feels right for you! You will feel busier than usual this month but not necessarily overwhelmed by it. You have the mental fortitude to keep you going and the perseverance you need to see this month through. Mindfulness, just 5 minutes a day, will work wonders for you at this time, helping you de-stress when you need it most!



Gemstone: Rose Quartz



Sagittarius ♐︎



December is all about taking stock of the last year and lessoned learned. With Jupiter just about to end a year long transit through your sign you may be realizing that you are ready to graduate into the role of the teacher or become a guide to others. Your words are like magic and your influence is strong, magnanimous, and open. You are acting with a clear mind and deep insight. Also, be mindful of your desire for freedom and the restlessness that may come up for you as the month progresses. This is a definitely a time to take your spiritual practice to another level of consciousness!

o another level of consciousness!






Capricorn ♑︎



What is hiding in plain sight? There is something you are after, information and wisdom you are seeking. You will start to see things take shape in your life on a transcendental level. If you feel trapped or held back by something, consider if these boundaries are set up by you or something external. Often you will find you are the obstacle standing in your own way. Break free this month! Embrace you for you. The universe is giving you the energy you need to expand and flourish. This is definitely a month that should be heavy on meditation, especially around the time of the solstice on the 21st of the month…as this is when great insights and wisdom are available to you.



Gemstone: Moonstone



Aquarius ♒︎



Your mind’s eye is widening and bursting open with intuition and insight. Spiritual gifts are becoming available to you and you are finding that a sense of prophecy and foresight are a natural part of your being. Dreams and wishes you have had for a while are starting to come to fruition. Practice gratitude for the amazing advancements and personal progressions you have made. Your radical approach to living and being are more likely to be appreciated by the outside world and looked at as a strength. Within you, feelings of hope and optimism are stirring, you are ready to put your faith in something that you consider larger than yourself.



Gemstone: Jade



Pisces ♓︎



Your sign is activated this month by a spiritual consciousness beyond words. You are hoping to strike a balance between responsibility and freedom, especially at work and in the career parts of your life. This is a time for evaluating what it is you want to do with your life and also what you want your work in the world to mean. It doesn’t always have to be what you do for money and survival but instead how you engage with the external world. What is your current reputation like…and does it align with your vision of yourself? Your imaginative and spiritually minded openness are your strengths this month. They help you stay present and plant the seeds for growth of what you are ready to see next in your life.



Gemstone: Garnet




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