Ritual of Grounding

Ritual of Grounding

“Please come home. Into your own body, your own vessel, your own earth.” ~ Jane Hooper

Grounding practices are those that support us in feeling steady and supported. They help us to anchor into our bodies, and the present moment, as such they are perfect for releasing anxiety.

One of my all-time favourite rituals for grounding is to take five minutes to put my legs up against the wall. Known as Viparita Karani in Sanskrit, this is a simple yoga pose that anyone can do, and it feels really good. It is a wonderful way to release tension in your body and your mind, increasing a sense of grounded calmness.

The next time you feel you are in need of a simple grounding ritual take five minutes to lay down somewhere quiet and put your legs up against the wall.

If it feels very tight in the back of your legs simply move your hips further from the wall, or allow your knees to be softly bent. If you like you can place a folded blanket beneath your head to support your neck, and if you get cold easily place a warm blanket over your belly and chest.

Allow yourself to release the weight of your body into the support of the earth, relaxing all muscular effort. Your legs will be held by the wall, encourage them to relax as well. Soften or close your eyes and rest your arms in any position that is comfortable. I often place my hands on my belly, keeping my shoulders soft.

Rest here as long as you are able, allowing the stress of your day to melt into the ground beneath you. When you feel ready to finish the practice roll gently to your side and take your time coming up. Move back into your day grounded and refreshed.

Written by Natalie Rousseau

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