Roam Free with the Sagittarius “Honey” Full Moon

Roam Free with the Sagittarius “Honey” Full Moon

Following the positive and buoyant theme of Jupiter in Sagittarius, the upcoming Full “Honey” Moon in Sagittarius on 17 June, is one in which we can feel the powerful urge of freedom and a collective surge of positive faith! We may all tap into this Traveler Archetype and experience immense personal growth when we choose to expand our horizons just a little – or a lot!

Full Moons are all about culmination and fulfilment, and whatever plans we may have laid 6 months ago with the New Moon in Sagittarius (around December of 2018) can now be “seen”, coming to fruition. This promises to be a Full Moon in which we can embrace the exotic and open to new truths and philosophies. Some of us may even be going on a vacation or trip that we have been planning for months, and it could be the trip of a lifetime!

Like the New Moon at the beginning of the month in Gemini, this Full Moon is aspected by the dreamy planet Neptune, which does caution us not to throw too much up in the air or be overly invested in a potential fantasy, warns us not to delude ourselves too much. We could feel a profound spiritual awareness around this time, yet we will need to practice discernment to make sure that we are not losing ourselves in the mists of imagination. Neptune can be a little tricky and we could be weaving webs of delusion if we don’t keep our eyes peeled for the truth – being very aware and conscious of what is going on around us will be key at this time.

This Full Moon is also a Moon that we could be rather tempted to make an escape from reality – and as long as it is a “healthy escape”, we can by all means go ahead! Yoga, meditation, nature, dancing and travelling consciously are all wonderful ways of relieving the stress of everyday life. We may also need to ensure that we take care of all the little details as well as balance these with the “bigger picture” – for example, if we are inspired to travel to India, let us double and triple-check our tickets and the fine print, as much as that may pop a little bubble in our dreams – a reality check is the most important thing we can do at this Full Moon!

With Jupiter so close to the Full Moon, emotions will be running high and hot – we could be rather impulsive, leaping int the unknown without looking back. We could collectively feel this sense of optimism that all will turn out well – and it will – just as long as we take a moment to look before we leap and make sure that we are not leaping into the mist with nothing to catch us. As the saying goes “trust in God, but lock your car” – as long as we do this, we will be just fine!

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