Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness have long been practiced by monks and nuns as a part of their religious practice. Nowadays, people from all walks of live partake in the practice for an abundance of various reasons — one being the direct relationship between meditation and the brain. But what exactly is the link about? For one, meditation imparts great neurological benefits upon humans and enhances the connectivity between the different regions of the brain.  

Today, meditation is being backed by scientific evidence for its involvement in improving cognitive functions such as increasing concentration span, creating an emotional balance and creating solidarity and nurturing leadership skills in people. Even large MNC’s like Google and Salesforce are encouraging their employees to participate in the practice of meditation. Why? Here’s some science-based reasons why meditation is so important today:

  • Focus: Increasingly, research suggests that regular meditation can significantly improve focus and help sustain attention. As you concentrate on your breathing and pay attention to the present moment, you will invite your inner consciousness to speak. Meditation has been proven to kick-start your cognitive abilities and enhance your ability to perform your best at tasks requiring focus and attention to detail.

  • Drastically reduces stress levels: Do you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities? Start meditating and you will feel a certain level of positivity exude from within and you will feel in greater control of your emotional state. Research has shown that meditation programs are one of the most reliable ways of treating anxiety disorders.

  • The feeling of enlightenment: Meditation can transfer you to a place of eternal bliss and help you find that feeling of internal peace and contentment to ooze out from within. You feel elevated and a general feeling of well-being and happiness is established. This is also called the “flow” state where you reach a rare state of the human mind where there are no conflicts raging between your heart and mind and you are at complete peace with yourself. Sounds surprising, right? Meditation is capable of doing so.

  • Sets your heart on the right track: Worried about your cardiovascular health? Is your blood pressure normal? Meditation is one of the healthiest alternatives to physical exercise as it reduces the risk of heart diseases and improves cardiovascular health.

All in all, meditation helps you stay connected with your surroundings and the lives contained within it. It sharpens your memory and increases your capacity to absorb and consolidate important information. Your decision-making skills are honed and you emerge as a more self-aware and responsible individual. Your senses are open to the world around you.

- Zyana Morris.


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