September 2019 Monthly Horoscope: Thriving in Community

September 2019 Monthly Horoscope: Thriving in Community

The month of September starts off with a powerful planetary alignment between the Sun and Mars in Virgo. This aspect motivates an intense perspective change helping us take action in building community. At the same time Venus and Mercury in Virgo are in a harmonious aspect to the hard-working planet Saturn in Capricorn giving us the extra push needed to lay the ground work for positive change. As the month goes on be mindful of how you are showing up in the world. Being aligned and in harmony with yourself helps create the peace and love that lead to a thriving community. 

Aries ♈︎

This month you are able to build closer relationships with friends and co-workers. You are feeling more secure in showing your vulnerability at this time. The current energy is helping you see the value in having stabilizing routines. You settle into a daily schedule, but still stay true to yourself, always leaving room for an element of unpredictability. A harmonious aspect with Jupiter to your sign is opening you up to new possibilities. Be mindful of the signs pointing you in the direction you need to go.

Gemstone: Opal


Taurus ♉︎

This is a creatively motivated time for you. There are many things that are inspiring you and calling you into alignment with your inner goddess self. Spiritually you are feeling open and flexible. You may find projects being offered to at this time that allow for a great deal of autonomy and eccentricity. As the month goes on you find many ways to share and experience your glorious creations with people in your local community. Be mindful not to be too self-critical and let your artistry speak for itself!

Gemstone: Jade


Gemini ♊︎

This month is about taking your gift of excellent communication and word-smithing into alignment with your inner vision. Working on writing a book, creating a blog, or other creative endeavour? The energy is perfect for you to hide away and focus your energy on analyzing and perfecting your voice and vision. Unexpected free time at home and a boost in the spirited energy of creativity helps you stay incredibly focused and on schedule. Let the Universe speak to you in order for your words to ring clear.

Gemstone: Turquoise


Cancer ♋︎

The beginning of the month brings you into a perfect balance between self and soul. You feel at peace with what is present in your life and community at this time. As the month continues on you start to feel a growing sense of purpose and destiny. The people in your immediate surroundings are carrying the messages you need to hear right now. Building and maintaining mindful social relationships helps you come into contact with the most beneficial energies for your current life path. The many planets in Virgo helps give you an honest sense of discernment when engaging in relationship.

Gemstone: Ruby


Leo ♌︎

This month you take a serious look at what you have and value most. There is a critical analysis taking place in all areas of personal business. Your energy can focus on making mindful decisions regarding what does and does not have a place in your life. This discernment assists you in tying up loose ends and bringing things together. When things are cleared out you have more space to appreciate the things and people you value the most. The current energy is helping you stay flexible and honest.

Gemstone: Amethyst


Virgo ♍︎

At the start of the month you are feeling a spark within. Your motivation level is high and the approach you take to others is bold and confident. This energy can help you choose to step out of your comfort zone. Focusing on wellness and meditation helps clear your mind so you can direct your will in the direction you want it to go. There may be a lot happening for you personally right now and a lot of new experiences flooding in. Take each moment in stride staying mindful to your immediate surroundings in order to keep yourself grounded and organized throughout the month.

Gemstone: Honey Jade


Libra ♎︎

Personal relationships are in focus at this time. You are analyzing what it means to be in relationship and how your subtle energy interacts with others. The contacts you have with people now have immense potential to reveal the emotional undercurrent that you are operating from. Your feelings about work and co-workers, love and partnerships, and social groups and friends all seem to be carrying similar themes for you right now. Sit with these energies in meditation to reveal what the underlaying message is for you at this time.

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli


Scorpio ♏︎

A more social side of you is revealed in full force this month. You are more willing to interact with people on a personal and intimate level. There is pure potential waiting to be discovered in the deeper layers of your partnerships and friendships. A discerning eye is taken when assessing your social affiliations and the groups you are a part of. At the same time you are aware of a growing sense of community with you at the center of its creation. You want to bring people together based on common causes. Mindful awareness is your key phrase this month.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


Sagittarius ♐︎

Major shifts in your public image are possible as Jupiter is highlighting the career sector of your chart. You have the potential to bring positive attention to your work and causes by keeping the focus on what is happening in the present moment. The current energy helps you shift your thought process to give you time to focus on some of the details you may typically overlook. Your communication is clear, resonate, and powerful. Stating facts helps you make your point with a grounded sense of realism and self-assuredness.

Gemstone: Sapphire


Capricorn ♑︎ 

Self-education and learning are in focus for you at this time. You aim for success by seeking understanding and knowledge in your chosen field. The underlying energy current is helping you open up to deeper layers of inner wisdom and being. Developing the mind and all things related to this, through meditation, trance, and mindfulness, assists you in taking full advantage of your human potential. Guidance on your path from a trusted teacher or your local spiritual community helps illuminate the path ahead.

Gemstone: Jasper


Aquarius ♒︎

The beginning of this month takes you within. Your psyche is ready to investigate and understand the deeper layers of what is. A focus on the psychological motivations and behaviors of yourself is coming into view. There is a clarity surrounding your complexity and wisdom in knowing you cannot be summed up in stereotypes or overarching themes. Later in the month a personal relationship opens you up to new communities and possibilities. Life can take on a lighter tone and perspective.

 Gemstone: Clear Quartz


Pisces ♓︎

Your experience of commitment is highlighted this month as you open up to the meaning of true bonding and loyalty. A sense of wanting to commit to a cause, person, or idea deepens at this time. You are starting to unfold to the finer details and subtleties that exist within you. There is an unfolding taking place that in order to fully experience some things you have to take things deeper through personal commitment and learning. Setting a schedule, doing the work, and taking the hard road can help yield the results you want to see.

 Gemstone: Garnet

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