September 2020 Monthly Horoscope - Mystical Refining

September 2020 Monthly Horoscope -  Mystical Refining

There is a subtle energy to this month, that is almost out of reach and just slightly out of our grasp. The allure of the current celestial vibrations is pulling us inward and delicately making a shift in how we approach the world. A refined attitude towards spirituality and expanded visions for meeting each other where we are at will be the current theme. As we surrender to a true sense of what is means to be human we are better able to meet people on the road towards our collective spiritual embodiment.


Being truthful is the only approach right now, including with yourself, work, life, and everything in-between. This month allows for an opening into your inner self. A bright light is present when you look within. Meditations that focus on concentration help clear the way for messages to come through. Synschonritcity will be all around you, notice the signs as they are present and calling to you at this time.

Gemstone: Labradorite


Many areas of your life are calling for your attention right now, asking for a discerning eye and intuitive awareness. You know there is something that is holding you back from fully knowing all parts of self. Break through this month by investing your time in spiritual development. Daily or regular practices, even small ones, can add up and help break down barriers that keep you from fully walking your path.

Gemstone: Lava


At your heart lies something magical, an openness and sweet sense of playful knowing. This month provides opportunities for greater access to your creative and artistic abilities. You approach with caution at first, maybe not wanting to make a mistake, when you realize there are no mistakes to be made in actuality. Your own philosophy on life is evolving, what it means to create, make, and connect. Things are really coming together for you.

Gemstone: Howlite


As you believe and think, you see things manifest in your reality. Your world is expanding into what you have always dreamed it to be. There is no shortage of hard work, however, and you are dedicated to seeing something through to the end. Daily investment in staying in the present moment cultivates openness within you. It becomes easy to have healthy relationships with others and your community this month.

Gemstone: Turquoise


It comes as no surprise that your shifting awareness brings you more into the present moment this month. You are having profound periods of insight and relate more closely to your body and soul as one. There is a need to understand yourself in detail and you could go on a deep dive this month into discovering sides of Self you haven’t met yet. Engaging with knowledge and information helps you put things into spiritual context.

Gemstone: Moonstone


Your hard work continues to pay off and what you have learned serves to further your life path and purpose. The month is marked by immense efforts and self-reflection. Things will feel like they are coming together for the better and a culmination of all you have been searching for seems to enter into your life right now. The month will be spent learning to integrate all that you have uncovered.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


Taken to new levels of knowing, your solar consciousness is expanded and made more aware of the light you carry within you. As you embrace your gifts and talents in this life, you are better able to be of service to yourself and others. There is a need to help right now and a gentle heart energy you are wanting to embrace. Things are going to slow down this month and give you the space you need to recharge and get centered. Use mindfulness if you feel frustrated by the slowed energy.

Gemstone: Amazonite


Working through your shadows helps you embrace all sides of you. As you see yourself as an amalgam of experiences, both past and present you know which way is the path forward. Poetically observe your life and the transformations that take you within and without. You are likely to be more internally focused this month, cultivating a quiet inner narrative that allows you to listen and know. The end of the month brings you expanded understanding about yourself.

Gemstone: Rhodonite


You are doing your work in the world, which could possibly be different from how you make a living. There is more energy this month around purpose and service to the whole. You are more invested in understanding what others need and deeply tuned into the finer points of what it means to be of service. Mindfully attune your thoughts towards the body, wellness, and spiritual truth. Everything aligns when you walk your path.

Gemstone: Amethyst


Your heart is opening towards greater dedication on your life path. This month’s energy tends to be more turned inward for you and you could require more rest than usual to feel recharged. In your interactions with others, you notice the finer points and details of communication. Focus on what is real, material, and the specific actions that have specific effects on the body. Spiritual wellness right now begins with feeling physically strong and well.

Gemstone: Obsidian


Your detailed perspectives, ideas, and thoughts are able to shared with others at this time. This month is full of profound discussions and insights into the unseen or unknown. You are being called to uncover the mysteries of your own being. Deeply meaningful transformations or changes could come up right now. A need to rest the body and mind or pause from regular activities can help you settle into this subtle inward energy current.

Gemstone: Tourmaline


Looking into the mirror back at yourself lends you all kinds of insights into the core of who you are. The same goes for when looking into the eyes of another person. This month is all about the reflection of yourself in others and how you interact and play with the energy available around you. Subtle shifts in emotional undercurrents help you understand yourself and others in a new light. Mindfully embody what you are sensing and knowing to be true at this time.

Gemstone: Jade

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