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Mala Collective

I Am Enough

I Am Enough

We sat down with 6 incredible women to showcase our new I Am Enough campaign. We asked each of them why they believe they are “enough” - here are their incredibly powerful responses. 

Chervelle Camille

I Am Enough

I celebrate me. This woman who has fought battles crashed, burned, hit rock bottom, got heartbroken, lost her way. And yet, by Grace, found her way again.

I celebrate me. This woman who continues to peel off the layers, healing her soul. Every age and every path formed who she is today.

I celebrate me. This woman who is transforming by learning to Let Go. By releasing attachments of the past that are tangling and getting in the way of mental clarity. By making room to breathe. Making peace with the past, and opening up to new adventures, and love in its various and unexplainable ways.

I celebrate me. This woman who has had the advantage of starting over many times in her life, and has learned how to apply all those lessons, with more grace and understanding.

I celebrate me. This woman who continues to step closer to The Golden Gate leading her to the wilderness of goodness, wholeness, and worth. All while peeling off the scales of old patterns and old flesh that she needs to say goodbye to.

When you can be okay with things not having gone a certain way, life begins again.

This is me coming home to myself. Becoming, learning to Let Go, and loving myself.

I celebrate me. I Am Enough.

Wearing: I Am Becoming Mala, I Am Grateful Bracelet

Jennifer Wilson 

I am honest.
I am loving.
I am courageous.
I am giving.
I am learning to be patient, each and every day. Not only with myself and others, but with each process and path I am on.

I am resilient.
I am passionate.
I am funny.
I am determined.
I am learning to be fearless in the choices I make for me and the way I choose to love and honour myself each day.

I am beautiful.
I am aging.
I am constantly changing.

Wearing: I Am Grateful MalaI Am Limitless Mala, I Am Limitless Bracelet

Rachelle Hay

I am enough.
I am enough because I am full - full of history, gratitude, determination and curiosity.
I am full of the mixed heritage of my ancestors running through my veins. I'm sure I bear some of their quirks and tendencies and how thrilling that these quiet time capsules persist through me.
I am full of gratitude for all the people, places, mistakes and moments that light up our experiences and this beautiful universe.
I am full of determination to reframe my own limiting stories and find the positive and the possible.
I am full of curiosity about life and humankind and a desire to keep pushing past my own expectations and be ever learning, growing and connecting.
Sometimes I need to say it twice - I am enough.

Wearing: I Am Rising Mala, I Am Rising Bracelet, I Am Becoming Bracelet

Dora Kamau

Why do I think I am enough? Because I know it and I feel it.  I know that I am enough and it stems from this understanding of "All that I am is unique and a beautiful offering to this world, that no one or nothing that can contribute, other than me." I believe, especially as women, we get disconnected from this inner knowing of enoughness because we are bombarded with so many messages from social media and external influences that distort our own perceptions of who we TRULY are. Also, as a black woman of color, at times I have to work overtime to affirm the belief that I truly am enough, I am good enough and worthy of all the goodness in life because they are so many systems and structures set up to make me believe otherwise.  

Wearing: I Am Rising Mala, I Am Rooted Bracelet

Genieve Burley

I am enough by my very existence. So many miracles had to come together to create me. I commit to my community to support that they are also enough, that they have just as much right to love, compassion and a voice as every other human on this earth. We are all enough, and the sooner we realize we are one, and not separate, the more we will find peace.

Wearing: I Am Rising MalaI Am Limitless Mala

Regina Zhen

The honest truth? I still struggle with believing I am Enough. My practice is my reminder: that I am enough for every reason, no matter what. My practice is remembering that I have always been enough and will be enough, and the only person holding me back is me. In fierce love xo.

Wearing: I Am Enough ToteI Am Limitless Mala

Let this be our reminder to you all. You are enough. In your skin, in your natural state, in simply being - you are enough. You don’t have to shape or change. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to beat yourself up for mistakes of the past, for the times you lost your way. In every way you are - you are just enough.

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Japa Meditation: An Introduction

Japa Meditation: An Introduction

Japa is a Sanskrit word that refers to the audible repetition of a mantra.

A mantra is a word or phrase that has a specific focus or intention, a quality of being that we want to align ourselves with. Japa is often done with a mala string, as it allows you to count your repetitions, so if you have some mala beads you might choose to use them for a practice like this, working your way up to 108 rounds of repetition in one sitting.

Instead of working with Sanksrit mantra for this practice,  I am sharing phrases in English, affirmations that you would repeat in the same way you would a mantra. 

Take a moment to get comfortable. Because you will be saying these phrases out loud, repeating them with me, you will want to be somewhere that you feel you can do this without getting interrupted. Once you have chosen your posture, take a few moments to relax and connect to the gentle movement of your breath. 

This is a japa practice for inner trust and courage. I will repeat the phrases nine times slowly, and invite you to repeat them along with me. 

May I honour the source of my inner wisdom 

May I trust in the unique unfolding of my life

May I walk my path with kindness & courage

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Loving Kindness Meditation: An Introduction

Loving Kindness Meditation: An Introduction

One of my favourite ways to practice meditation is to work with the internal repetition of a series of phrases that support the cultivation of loving kindness. The repetition of the phrases acts as a basic concentration technique helping us to focus our attention, and the phrases themselves are blessings or affirmations that promote an inner sense of ease & wellbeing.

The phrases are a recognition of the fact that all beings desire a freedom from worry or fear. We all wish to be free from anxiety or concerns about our health, and we all wish to act with greater kindness and compassion, towards ourselves and others. The loving kindness practice is a way of affirming these desire and these qualities in ourselves. 

Begin by choosing a comfortable position and releasing any surface tension in your body. You may choose to soften or close your eyes, and I invite you to place your own hands on your heart or your belly as a gesture of self love or comfort. I will repeat the phrases slowly four times, and you may repeat them with me in your own mind. We will offer these blessings of loving kindness to ourselves, to those we love, to those who are suffering, and finally to all beings. 

May I be peaceful and at ease

May I act with kindness and compassion

May I be safe from harm

May I be well 

May you be peaceful and at ease

May you act with kindness and compassion

May you be safe from harm

May you be well 

X 2 

May all beings be peaceful and at ease

May all beings act with kindness and compassion

May all beings be safe from harm

May all beings be well 

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I Am Enough: Why are affirmations so powerful?

I Am Enough: Why are affirmations so powerful?

Affirmations are positive statements that help to re-wire the brain for positivity, gratitude and love. 

They are simple "I Am" statements that we can repeat to ourselves to evoke positive feelings.

Examples include "I Am Love," "I Am Free," "I Am Grounded," "I Am Strong." The combinations are limitless.

When should one turn to an affirmation statement? Well, they are great to use in meditation.

Oftentimes, affirmations come up when setting an intention at the beginning of a practice. (Read: Setting an intention for your meditation practice) 

They are also powerful when used as a mantra. A mantra is a string of words that one repeats in meditation.  (Read: What's your mantra?)

When using a mantra, it's believed that only the positive intentions and actions will fill your mind and eliminate negativity.

Choosing an affirmation is very simple process, similar to setting an intention:

- First, find a comfortable seat — maybe you’re in your home meditation area (Read: Setting up a home mediation space)

- Next, close your eyes. Take a deep inhale. A deep exhale. With your spine straight, keep taking long inhales and exhales. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed. Your tongue isn’t clinging to the roof of your mouth. Your teeth aren’t clenched. The space between your eyebrows is resting.

- Now ask yourself — What do I need right now? How do I want to feel? What's a word that is meaningful to me in this moment?

- You can also ask yourself: What do I need to release? What is not serving me? What are my limiting beliefs? And you can turn these around into positive intentions.

- On your next inhale, say to yourself "I Am...."

- On your next exhale say to yourself a word that is meaningful to you in this moment. 

Whatever comes to you is your affirmation. Let it come with ease. 

You now have your affirmation! "I Am.." and include your word.

You can use words like: adventurous, intuitive, patient, balanced, abundant. The options are endless. Simply allow yourself the space and time to reflect on what need in the moment. 

To use this affirmation in meditation, you can do the following:

- Inhale "I Am..."

- Exhale your word

Repeating this over and over until your practice is complete. 

If you are using a Mala I your meditation, (Read: How to use a Mala in meditation) use your affirmation by repeating your statement on each bead. Inhaling "I Am" and exhaling your word, and then turning to the next bead. Your affirmation has now become your mantra!

You can also simply repeat your affirmation when you are feeling low. Or keep it as a reminder throughout your day with sticky notes, by placing an affirmation card in your meditating space, or by wearing a piece of jewelry that reflects your affirmation.

Affirmations are a simple reminder that "I Am Enough," and that we already embody all we are seeking. 

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