Mala Collective — Ambassadors


Making Mindfulness Effortless

  Mindfulness isn’t a to-do item. Instead of trying to be mindful, try to create space for mindfulness. Don’t fight it. You can’t force yourself to live in the moment.
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3 Ways To Connect With Yourself This New Year

We often forget that we have this inner strength to start anew. The new year offers a reminder of these constant opportunities, but staying true to our new year’s resolutions can be difficult. The ...
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Lighter* For The New Year

Let it burn, literally. In this article our ambassador Britt Buntain creates a little retreat for releasing old intentions.
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You and Your Mala: Rhyanna

Meet Rhyanna our awesome ambassador from Perth, Australia!  Her passion is bringing balance, clarity, strength and joy to the day-to-day lives of everybody through the practice of yoga. Discove...
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You and Your Mala: Britt Buntain

  "For me, to go deeper is to go within. To dive beneath the surface of what I see and connect to what I feel and hear. I sit in meditation regularly and I study and write almost every day."   ...
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A Journey Into Meditation: Chris Brandt

"I taught a Sunday morning meditation class for 2 years. The regular students were so open to experimentation that the practice became play. Sometimes we would practice "throwing" colours at each o...
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