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Citrine: Cultivating Happiness

Happiness should be uncomplicated and patient. Do not expect greatness, or for all things to come at once. Allow your path to happiness grow organically & at it’s own pace.
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Amethyst: Finding Inner Peace

Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is challenging, sometimes it is loud and clear. Shift your focus to inner peace & the clearer the messages from soul become.
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Onyx: I Am Resilient

Resilience is a springboard. Without it, challenges cannot transform you; they can only knock you down. Be kind to yourself. Hold yourself and your path close to your heart. You are enough.
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Howlite: Practicing Patience

Once we become conscious of our actions, we can make the decision to change them. It is only that when we trust we are exactly where we need to be, that we will truly start to see immediate results.
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