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How to: Crystal Kits

We love using crystals in our meditation practice. From laying the stones out to inspire an intention, to clearing the space of negative energy, to holding them in our hands as a focus point while ...
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What are the Best Stones for Love?

The experience of love is one of the most profound feelings we have as human beings. The energy of love is woven into the fabric of our universe and helps bring us to places of peace, acceptance, j...
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Crystallizing your intention

Follow these 5 steps to set an intention for your meditation practice using your crystal:  1) Choose your stone Choose your crystal for today’s practice, and begin in a quiet and comfortable space...
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How to choose your crystal, gemstone and mala

CHOOSING YOUR CRYSTAL, GEMSTONE OR MALA How do you know which crystal, gemstone or mala is for you? Follow these quick steps with intention to find the most aligned piece for your meditation pract...
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