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How to Cleanse Your Crystals: New Moon Edition

How to Cleanse Your Crystals: New Moon Edition

One of the best times to cleanse and charge crystals, is on the New Moon and Full Moon of every month.

The New Moon is a time of releasing and new beginnings, making it the perfect time to clear your crystals of any old and stagnant energy.

After washing and drying your crystals set them out on the earth for their full moon bath. If you are unable to place them directly on the ground, any natural surface will work.

If you are concerned with leaving crystals outdoors you can place crystals inside by a window or inside a car by the windshield so they can bathe in the moon or sun without the fear of getting the crystals wet, lost, or damaged by weather.  

The next day, let them charge for a few hours in morning sunlight. Many crystals like Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz for example will fade in direct sunlight so we charge our crystals just for the sunrise and then pull them back inside.

Here are a few other ways to cleanse your crystals other than in the moon or sun:

  • A simple rinse under the faucet will do here. If you live near the ocean or a stream it’s optimal to wash them there.

  •  Another nature method is using the earth. Placing your crystal on or in the ground, or burying it in the dirt can have a powerful cleansing and energetic reset effect.

  • You can cleanse your crystals with other crystals. Selenite is one of the most popular crystals used to cleanse and charge other crystals and stones due to its powerful metaphysical properties and the ability to charge itself. Another great crystal for cleansing other crystals is Quartz.

  • White smoke is another method you can use to cleanse your crystals. White Sage smoke is a great tool to cleanse your crystals and their environment. You can hold the stones in a stream of the sage smoke, or simply hold a sage stick close to the crystal with the intention of cleansing it.

There are plenty of different methods of cleansing crystals and after some time you will find what works best. We hope you find a moment to connect to yourself and you crystals this new moon.

If you have any questions about  cleansing or caring for your crystals please email us at

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How to: Crystal Kits

How to: Crystal Kits

We love using crystals in our meditation practice. From laying the stones out to inspire an intention, to clearing the space of negative energy, to holding them in our hands as a focus point while meditating. Using crystals during stillness has become a common practice for us. 

(For more on using crystals in your meditation practice, read here.)

But, our love of crystals has lead us to explore bringing them into our daily lives outside of meditation.

Which is why we created our crystal kits and sets. So, how can you use them in your daily life?

We have some suggestions below:

1) Travelling

We like to stay calm when travelling. Having a crystal to hold in our hands definitely helps ease our anxiety when starting a new journey. From flying, to trains, to long car rides. One of our favourite crystal kits while travelling is the Adventure kit. This promotes grounding, calm, playfulness and connecting to your inner power. Holding one of these stones is a beautiful reminder to breathe and invite stillness, helping to calm your nerves.

2) On your desk

Oftentimes we hit a lull of energy while at work. Having a crystal on our desk to remind us of our intentions and to return to our breath is a beautiful thing. We like to hold a stone in our hand, take a few deep breaths with our eyes closed, and then return to our laptop. Feeling refreshed and more at ease.

3) On the go

I often find myself keeping crystals in my wallet and purse. What better surprise is there than reaching into your bag to pull out a crystal?! I keep mine with me as I never know when I’ll get a wave of anxiety. Or, if I’ll find a lovey spot to sit in meditation in the park, on a bench, or in the sunshine. I often keep a few stones from the Serendipity kit with me — the labradorite is my favorite.

4) At home

On our fireplace mantel, on our bedside table, in our bathroom — the list goes on! Having the crystals out around the home is a physical reminder of our mindfulness practice. And it often inspires us to take a moment to sit in silence and just breathe. It also helps remind us of what we’re calling into our lives and to remain open. For example, stones from the Love crystal kit inspire both relationship and self love. 

5) Under your pillow

Having trouble sleeping? Many people believe putting an Amethyst stone beneath their pillow cures insomnia. Our Intuition crystal kit has a beautiful small, smooth Amethyst stone to try this out.

How do you like to use your crystals in your daily life?

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What are the Best Stones for Love?

What are the Best Stones for Love?

The experience of love is one of the most profound feelings we have as human beings. The energy of love is woven into the fabric of our universe and helps bring us to places of peace, acceptance, joy, passion, and bliss. Crystals, gemstones, and metals have a significant place in helping us heal and have a more mindful experience of love in our lives. 

Love can wear many masks and is often felt on an emotional level at the heart-center in the body. If you are seeking to open up to love more fully, heal from a past relationship, or get in touch with your inner passion then working with the crystals on this list are for you!

Identifying Stones for Love: Look to the Color

The color family of a stone often helps us understand its energetic imprint and purpose in a healing context. Crystals and gemstones that are associated with the heart-chakra are frequently also associated with love, self-love, and acceptance and tend to pink or green in color with a gentle vibration. Crystals for passion and intimacy are often associated with the sacral and root chakras frequently being deeper in color with a potent energy vibration.

6 of the Best Stones for Increasing Love in Your Life 

Of course, there are many crystals and gemstones that can help us out in love. Here we have narrowed it down to 6 of the most dynamic stones for helping bring love and relationship healing into our lives! 

1. Tourmaline - Healing Broken Heart

Tourmaline, both green and pink, can have amazing effects on helping us heal from a broken heart. It softens the energy around our heart-center and opens us up to being able to love again. It can invite new love and relationship possibilities into your life. Tourmaline helps us get in touch with our vulnerability while also helping us feel secure in the process.

2. Copper - Romantic Love + Affection

Copper is associated with the Goddesses of Love Venus and Aphrodite. Wearing copper jewelry helps bring balance to experiences of love and affection. Copper also helps with having body positivity and acceptance. It helps deepen our experiences with the divine feminine and goddess energy. This powerful metal has been known throughout history for its romance inducing vibration. 

3. Rose Quartz - Self Love

Developing a healthy relationship to self can be a life long process. Learning to love ourselves for who we are without shame or regret is something many of us are challenged by. Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for helping ease these feelings. This stone is soft and carries an extremely gentle vibration. It goes easy on us so we can remember to go easy on ourselves while embarking on the journey to self-love and wholeness. 

4. Rhodonite - Compassion + Forgiveness 

Rhodonite is a very potent stone for love. It carries a vibration of compassion and forgiveness. If we are having trouble getting over a past relationship or difficult time moving on this stone can help. Rhodonite helps us be patient with ourselves, feel a deeper sense of empathy, and widens our heart-center vibration. 

5. Ruby - Passion

The deep red of the ruby gemstone helps us experience our inner passion and opens us to love and intimacy. This stone carries an energy of creativity that helps us be more spontaneous and free in our expression of love. It can help with body issues and bring us into closer alignment with our sexuality. 

 6. Emerald - Relationship Success 

Emerald is a very lucky stone for love. Associated with success in all forms it can help bring this energy into your most important relationships. This gemstone brings us more in touch with our intuition and helps us access our inner-wisdom so we can approach our relationships with depth and heart. 

How to Use Your Stones for Love

Now that you have a list of gemstones that can help deepen your experiences of love and relating, how should you use them? Here are some suggestions!

  • Carry them with you in your purse or pocket
  • Sleep with the stones under your pillow or next to your bed
  • Meditate while holding the stones or with mala beads repeating a love mantra
  • Use your stones in ritual 
  • Wear them as jewelry 

Combining the energy of several stones is also a great way to get the most out of the healing properties! Which gemstones do you associate with love?

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Crystallizing your intention

Crystallizing your intention

Follow these 5 steps to set an intention for your meditation practice using your crystal:

 1) Choose your stone

Choose your crystal for today’s practice, and begin in a quiet and comfortable space. Get seated and close your eyes. 

2) Hold your crystal

Holding the crystal in your hand, with your eyes closed, begin to take deep cleansing breaths.

Three big inhales into the nose and out the mouth as you release and let go of you day.

 3) Body scan

Coming into your breath — in through the nose and out through the nose — begin to scan your body for any stuck/blocked energy.

-  Beginning at the crown, sense any tightness, tension or blocks. This may appear as a sensation, a color, etc.

- Moving into the forehead and behind the eyes, the ears, into the jaw - are you holding any tension here?

-  Into the throat, notice any sensations or tightness.

-  Breathing deeply into the heart now, front of heart, back of heart.

-  Into your solar plexus, below the rib cage, mid back.

-  As you move into you abdomen and pelvis, sense anything happening here, into your hips, low back...down into your thighs, knees and knee joints, into your shins and feet.

-  Taking a deep breath, visualize your 10 fingers and toes like valves... opening the valves, you’ll allow any stagnant energy to flow molasses. It will move through you, taking with it any tension, blocks, fears, worries, anything your body is holding.

4) Give space for the crystal

Now, closing up the valve and coming back to your crystal.

Envisioning its colour, feeling the weight of it in your hands. From this clear space, connect into its energy.

From this clear, empty, open space, call in an intention for yourself today.

An intention for who you are that you are both embodying, and bringing into your crystal.

Clearly see, sense or hear your intention - your true desire. Connect it to your crystal so that it may carry your intention and be an energetic reminder of this space and intention you have set for yourself.

5) Embrace gratitude

Find stillness. Sit and breathe with the intention here. Thank yourself, your intuition and your crystal. Embrace gratitude.

Take three big, deep breaths. Calling all parts of yourself back into the room.

Slowly blink your eyes open, and move your body gently and slowly.

Remember to take your crystal with you throughout your days to connect to and remember the intention you set from this space today.


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How to choose your crystal, gemstone and mala

How to choose your crystal, gemstone and mala


How do you know which crystal, gemstone or mala is for you? Follow these quick steps with intention to find the most aligned piece for your meditation practice:

1) Lay it out

If you currently have crystals, gemstones or malas, lay them out in front of you. Allow yourself to see all of the colors, textures and shapes.

2) Get comfortable

Grab a cushion and take a comfortable seat.

Gently rest your hands on your thighs, palms facing up, ready to receive guidance. Begin to take deep, long belly breaths. Get grounded. Feel your sits bones as the foundation, while your upper body feels aligned and light.

3) Breathe deep

As you continue to breathe at your own rhythm, turn your energy inward. Begin to connect to your higher self, your intuition.... Allow space for breath and connection.

4) Ask and listen

As you sense that connection, ask yourself “What crystal energy do I require today?” Be patient and listen. The answer may come through as a word, a color, or the name of a stone.  Perhaps a feeling or sensation is calling to you. Be with your experience and resist the temptation to “think” about it. Ask as many times as necessary until the answer comes through for you.

5) Trust

Trust what comes through. Slowly come back to the room — taking deep breaths, wiggling your fingers, and gently opening your eyes. If you have your crystals and malas in front of you, when you open your eyes, trust the first piece you see is what you require today. Take that stone or mala and carry it with you through the day, knowing its energy is what you require.

You may do this practice as often as you require to tap into your own energy to choose the right piece for you.


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