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What will 2021 bring next?

Aries Yearly Horoscope Gemstone: Amazonite  General Your abilities become more solid this year; focus on using them with confidence and courage. Letting go of some past mindsets will be necessary i...
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April 2021 Horoscopes: The Spiritual Earth

This month the Sun moves from spirited Aries into grounded and sensual Taurus. The shift into an earth sign allows us all to become more attuned to our physical senses and more aware of the way we ...
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March 2021 Monthly Horoscopes: Deep Breath

With so much happening in life, the world, and our communities, we may find at times that we are holding our breath, both literally and figuratively. As if we are sort of waiting, almost too tense ...
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November 2020 Horoscopes: Deepening Actions

The month ahead first takes us deep within, then propels us out into the external world. This will be a month of taking action with purpose and meaning — of using one’s mind and consciousness for b...
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