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Manifesting Abundance - I Am Abundant

Erin Isnor I Am Abundant Mala Collective


The world is full of abundance, but many of us are stuck in a scarcity mindset. The Universe is designed to provide us with what we desire — we just need to ask for it.

When we open the door of abundance in one area of our lives, it can starts a ripple effect. 

So how do we get unstuck?

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Finding patience — I Am Patient

Mala Beads and Gemstones for PatienceI think I can speak for everyone when I say that we live in a fast paced world.

This need of having everything yesterday has created a spiritual, intellectual and physical form of materialism. 

I want to be enlightened now — I want to know everything, and have everything. Today.


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Seeking Englightenment — what does it mean?

I Am Enlightened - What does it mean?

What does it mean to be enlightened?

At the heart of it, the definition of enlightenment is "to remove the dimness or blindness (usually figurative) from one's eyes or heart."

It's a beautiful concept — one that is accessible to all of us.

The beauty of enlightenment is that it's not an end destination. It's not an unattainable goal or a concept placed on an unreachable pedestal. 

It's a continual journey. One where we actively choose to remove the dimness from our eyes. Where we choose to trust in the universe.

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Using Affirmations To Create The Life You Want

Using Affirmations

"What we think we become" said Buddha.

All those subtle narrations you replay in your mind, often as second nature, can take their toll if the negative thoughts outweigh the positive. 

This is why affirmations are such a powerful tool for healing and change. There is nothing more powerful than writing your own affirmations to create the life you wish to lead.

But where to start, and when to use them?

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March and the Spring Equinox: A time for growth and rebirth

Spring Equinox and Mala BeadsSpring is coming. We feel it in the air and in our hearts and experience it with the longer days.

Our bodies and minds seem to be more open, it feels easier to breathe, and we want to do more and be more.

The equinox will formalize the first day of spring on March 20 by equalizing the length of day and night.

Equinox represents the balance between light and dark, between business life and personal life. It is a reminder of the yin yang of life.

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Finding Your Full Yes

 Living Life FullyLiving from a place of full yes is a moment to moment practice, one I believe is worth the commitment. 

How do you find your “FULL YES”? Perhaps, you would like to join me?

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Honing your Power

 Honing Your Power

When I was a little girl, much like most of us, I dreamt of being a super hero. I wanted those amazing powers to be able to save the world from darkness.

What I didn’t realize was that I truly had my own special powers to be able to do just that. And so do you.

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