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10 Tips for Self-Care

The Moon leaves Gemini square with Neptune on the 9th May, and with this many of us will feel we have to be responsible for others. Caring for others does create positive energy within ourselves, b...
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Tips for Finding Time to Focus on You

How often have you said to yourself; ‘I wish I had more time for me’, ‘I'm always so busy, I never have a minute to relax’ or ‘I don't have time for that’? We all lead busy lives… but the one thin...
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Meditations for Stress Release

So often when life gets stressful - as it inevitably does - it’s common that the last thing we prioritize is time for ourselves. It's a shame because a few minutes of quiet can do so much for happi...
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Tips for Mindful Eating

The concept of mindful eating has roots in Buddhist teachings. Just as there are forms of meditation that involve sitting, breathing, standing and walking, many Buddhist teachers encourage their st...
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Tips to Maintain a Daily Practice

This article was written by your Meditation Challenge host, Natalie Rousseau. For more information about Natalie, please click here. Meditation is not a flashy practice, nor is it easy, so is it a...
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