Mala Collective — You & Your Mala


You and Your Mala: Rhyanna

Meet Rhyanna our awesome ambassador from Perth, Australia!  Her passion is bringing balance, clarity, strength and joy to the day-to-day lives of everybody through the practice of yoga. Discove...
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You And Your Mala: Joshua Duvauchelle

  "For the first time in my life, I was made aware of my breath and my Self – the consciousness beneath all the thoughts and anxieties of my life. And it was simply breathtaking to expose that t...
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You and Your Mala: Audrey Armand

Meet Audrey, our rad ambassador from Montreal, Canada!    Audrey believes the body is the doorway to the soul and that not only do emotions echo in the body, but the transformation of the body ...
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My Adventure. Time to Explore.

At the start of each day, I slide my mala bracelet over my wrist. I meditate on my future, on my feelings, and on my desires. My mala bracelet reminds me of what I love about life. It reminds me to...
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Accepting Your Own Practice

 "When we actively remove the negative self-talk in our own yoga mats, it is a great starting point to eventually speak more kindly to yourself even when you are off the mat."Meet Angie, or t...
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You and Your Mala: Britt Buntain

  "For me, to go deeper is to go within. To dive beneath the surface of what I see and connect to what I feel and hear. I sit in meditation regularly and I study and write almost every day."   ...
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Journey Into Meditation: First Experience

"I hope that this mala will support me as I explore and meditate. For me, being adventurous means finding the courage to share my inner world and taking action to live a passionate and fulfilling ...
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