The Venus-Mars Conjunction of 2021: 3 Ways to Creatively Be Yourself

The Venus-Mars Conjunction of 2021: 3 Ways to Creatively Be Yourself

On July 13th, Venus, the planet of attraction, and Mars, the planet of passion, meet up in the fiery sign of Leo. This semi-rare conjunction marks the beginning of the two-year Venus-Mars cyclical dance through the night sky. The next time they meet up will be in February of 2024. These two planets represent your personal drives and desires. They show what you are attracted towards and how you will take action in bringing those things into your personal orbit. In this article we give 3 ways be a more creative you.

What is this transit all about?

While in Leo, these two planets show us how your creative life force drives you closer to the areas of life you want to embody, partake in, and experience. This could be through creative pursuits, a persona you want to develop, a career you are passionate about, or a relationship you are in. You are called to embrace your willpower and bring your personal vision into your life in a more tangible way. It is a time for finding yourself and rediscovering who you are on your lifes path.  


  • Passions
  • Talents
  • Uniqueness
  • Individuality 
  • Expression
  • Vision
  • Life-force
  • Energy


3 Ways to access your creative life force: 

You are a being who creates. In looking around the physical world, there is evidence of the creative spark within that longs to be seen and expressed through the material. Creation is at the heart of human existence, and you have access to this stream of life force through your mind, energy centers, and body. Here are 3 ways you can mindfully tune into the creative impulse of the universe and of yourself.  

  1. Meditation on the solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located just above the navel. Its color is a golden yellow like the Sun. This part of the body helps channel creative passion into your becoming. By meditating on increasing the power, energy, and flow of this chakra, you will be better able to tap into your own signature of creativity. Spiritually tuning into this part of your energy center is like plugging into the creative power source of the Universe. 

  1. Embrace qualities you admire

If you pay attention to the qualities you admire in others, you might come to realize that you also have potential or already have some of these traits. Make a list of people, characters from mythology, deities, or archetypes you are attracted to. Then focus on how you can incorporate these personality traits into your own persona. Eventually, the persona you are developing becomes more rooted in your actual identity. 

  1. Mindfulness creation

As you go about your regular activities, infuse them with mindfulness practices. See yourself as the creatix bringing about change and the desired results in the present moment. This can be done through daily tasks such as making a meal or doing your hair. Things happen in the physical world as you enact them in real-time based on the intentions you hold in your mind. In this way, you gain access to the parts of yourself that hone, direct, and share your life force through your self-expression. 

In Conclusion: Being Who You Are

By being yourself, a person you love and admire, you are able to live more authentically in your own power. You have a direct connection to your life force and the nuanced ways this can show itself through your life, actions, and self. So as this new cycle of Venus and Mars begins, consider what steps you will take to step into your true self. 

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