Venus Retrograde: 3 ways to embrace it

Venus Retrograde: 3 ways to embrace it

We're entering the rare phase of Venus Retrograde!

From Oct 5- Nov 16 the planet of love (Venus) is heading into retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. Don't worry — it's not the same as Mercury retrograde.

What's the Difference Between Mercury and Venus Retrograde you ask?

Venus retrogrades are much rarer and carry a different energy.

Mercury is associated with communication, daily travel, and information exchange. A Mercury retrograde period is symbolic of taking more a turn inward which is why messages get lost and your emails seem to disappear!

Venus is symbolic of attraction, sweetness, love, and beauty. Venus retrograde only happens once every 584 days, making it the least likely planet to be in retrograde!

A Venus retrograde cycle does not mean you are going to fall out of love or your relationships will go haywire! Instead, it is a time to reflect inward on how you are relate to yourself.

This is a great time for the flow of gracious energy towards self; for taking a deeper look into how you relate to love, beauty, and sweetness on an internal level.

Here are 3 ways you can embrace Venus in retrograde this October!

1. Remember Sweetness

Venus is traditionally associated with anything sweet; this includes foods, relationships, or simply kindness. During this retrograde remember to be gracious to yourself and others! Staying mindful of your relationship with sugar on a physical level is also a part of our task for a Venus retrograde cycle. Do we need more sweetness in our life whether physical or symbolic? Pay attention to this aspect of life; giving yourself room for forgiveness, space to make mistakes, and ultimately self-love.

2. Practice Reflection

The planet Venus is symbolic of receiving (or yin energy), especially as it appears to travel backwards through the receptive water sign of Scorpio. During this Venus in retrograde cycle take time to meditate or deeply reflect on your relationship needs.

Scorpio energy is intense, desiring to get to the heart of an issue. This is your time for some self-exploration by turning your energy inward to reflect on your authentic experience.

3. Mindfully Relate to Others

The energy of Venus is all about how we relate to others including lovers, friends, and colleagues. During Venus in Retrograde pay close attention to how mindful you are when engaging with others. Are you truly listening and in the moment?

This is a great time to open your mind, reflect on what is happening around you, and stay mindful of the feelings, emotions, and energy during your interaction with others.

During this retrograde we have the unique opportunity to experience the gentle energy of Venus in a new way. Reflecting on our inner world and experience and the aspects of life that bring you sweetness, insight, and relationship fulfillment are the themes for this cycle.



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