Wellness during the holidays

Wellness during the holidays

The New Moon in Sagittarius on Dec 6 ushers in the magical but often busy holiday season. We are working with an influx in energy and may need to pay extra close attention to our wellness habits during this time. This New Moon puts us in touch with a fierce sense of openness and acceptance. The desire for moving beyond our boundaries is very likely now. We may feel a pull towards exploring new places, traveling, or moving abroad.

A hopeful and positive attitude surrounds us as we approach the world with wanderlust and longing for something else beyond what is right in front of us. When the Sun and Moon meet up in this sign we have an opportunity for spiritual discourse and discussion. There are moments for reflection, listening, and of course sharing our own perceptive and ideas!

As Jupiter is closely lined up with this New Moon, a spirit of luck and optimism is able to enter in, contributing to the stamina we need to participate in the festivities this year. As the holidays are upon us we may be asked to give a lot of ourselves which will require ample amounts of energy and of course our time. Here are 5 wellness tips for this holiday season.

5 wellness tips for the holidays:

  1. Discern: Use discernment when accepting invitations to celebrations and events. Check in with yourself, if you are too tired or overwhelmed it is perfectly okay to decline an invite. Alternatively, if you have the energy then go for it!
  2. Ground: Sit for about 10 minutes in silence each morning imagining yourself with roots reaching for into the core of the Earth. Wear grounded colored clothing such as dark brown, earth tones, or black so you can feel more anchored to the present.
  3. Practice Gratitude: Keep a gratitude journal starting at the New Moon to record moments you have this holiday season that you are happy to have had the opportunity to experience.
  4. Practice Patience: Your holidays may include some family gatherings and celebrations. These of course can be both enjoyable and at times contain a bit of tension. Remember you can only control your behavior and not the behavior of others. You get to control your own involvement, how much patience and graciousness you bring to the table.
  5. Share: Share with others an every level. This time of year is often about spending time, exchanging gifts, and breaking bread with others. These moments are a great opportunity to be present, explore new spiritual perspectives, and share your ideas with friends and family!

As the New Moon in Sagittarius approaches, the energy is perfect for preparing yourself for the rest of the month ahead. Follow these wellness tips to keep in touch and in tune with what you need this holiday season!

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