What are the Best Stones for Love?

What are the Best Stones for Love?

The experience of love is one of the most profound feelings we have as human beings. The energy of love is woven into the fabric of our universe and helps bring us to places of peace, acceptance, joy, passion, and bliss. Crystals, gemstones, and metals have a significant place in helping us heal and have a more mindful experience of love in our lives. 

Love can wear many masks and is often felt on an emotional level at the heart-center in the body. If you are seeking to open up to love more fully, heal from a past relationship, or get in touch with your inner passion then working with the crystals on this list are for you!

Identifying Stones for Love: Look to the Color

The color family of a stone often helps us understand its energetic imprint and purpose in a healing context. Crystals and gemstones that are associated with the heart-chakra are frequently also associated with love, self-love, and acceptance and tend to pink or green in color with a gentle vibration. Crystals for passion and intimacy are often associated with the sacral and root chakras frequently being deeper in color with a potent energy vibration.

6 of the Best Stones for Increasing Love in Your Life 

Of course, there are many crystals and gemstones that can help us out in love. Here we have narrowed it down to 6 of the most dynamic stones for helping bring love and relationship healing into our lives! 

1. Tourmaline - Healing Broken Heart

Tourmaline, both green and pink, can have amazing effects on helping us heal from a broken heart. It softens the energy around our heart-center and opens us up to being able to love again. It can invite new love and relationship possibilities into your life. Tourmaline helps us get in touch with our vulnerability while also helping us feel secure in the process.

2. Copper - Romantic Love + Affection

Copper is associated with the Goddesses of Love Venus and Aphrodite. Wearing copper jewelry helps bring balance to experiences of love and affection. Copper also helps with having body positivity and acceptance. It helps deepen our experiences with the divine feminine and goddess energy. This powerful metal has been known throughout history for its romance inducing vibration. 

3. Rose Quartz - Self Love

Developing a healthy relationship to self can be a life long process. Learning to love ourselves for who we are without shame or regret is something many of us are challenged by. Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for helping ease these feelings. This stone is soft and carries an extremely gentle vibration. It goes easy on us so we can remember to go easy on ourselves while embarking on the journey to self-love and wholeness. 

4. Rhodonite - Compassion + Forgiveness 

Rhodonite is a very potent stone for love. It carries a vibration of compassion and forgiveness. If we are having trouble getting over a past relationship or difficult time moving on this stone can help. Rhodonite helps us be patient with ourselves, feel a deeper sense of empathy, and widens our heart-center vibration. 

5. Ruby - Passion

The deep red of the ruby gemstone helps us experience our inner passion and opens us to love and intimacy. This stone carries an energy of creativity that helps us be more spontaneous and free in our expression of love. It can help with body issues and bring us into closer alignment with our sexuality. 

 6. Emerald - Relationship Success 

Emerald is a very lucky stone for love. Associated with success in all forms it can help bring this energy into your most important relationships. This gemstone brings us more in touch with our intuition and helps us access our inner-wisdom so we can approach our relationships with depth and heart. 

How to Use Your Stones for Love

Now that you have a list of gemstones that can help deepen your experiences of love and relating, how should you use them? Here are some suggestions!

  • Carry them with you in your purse or pocket
  • Sleep with the stones under your pillow or next to your bed
  • Meditate while holding the stones or with mala beads repeating a love mantra
  • Use your stones in ritual 
  • Wear them as jewelry 

Combining the energy of several stones is also a great way to get the most out of the healing properties! Which gemstones do you associate with love?

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