Who We Are

Who We Are

When we first started Mala Collective in a small remodelled garage studio, we were looking to learn more about meditation and mindfulness.

We had just returned from a 6 month trip around the world. That journey took us to many beautiful places — one of them being Bali. There, we were introduced to mindfulness and meditation practices we had never seen. It’s also where we fell in love with mala beads.

At that time (6 years ago) meditation wasn’t as mainstream as it is now. After returning home to North America, it was hard to continue our learnings around meditation. We didn’t know what resources to tap into. Even more — we didn’t know how to move forward without feeling embarrassed for asking simple questions (Like what if our mind wanders in meditation? What’s a mantra?). We felt like outsiders.

Starting Mala Collective was our outlet to share what we learned, in a way that was accessible and fun.

It grew organically. We wrote posts about mantras. About how to meditate with mala beads. About intentions. How to sit in a practice.

All the while, we had our family and friends cheering us on.

And as it expanded (outside of our friends and family), we realized we weren’t the only ones interested in this — other people had many of the same questions and curiosities we did.

And within that, we found a community.

We were humbled by the emails and messages we received — how mala beads had changed the lives of those who purchased from us. How it helped them through abuse, through sex change, through heart ache, and through new and difficult journeys.

The vulnerability and love we were exposed to was overwhelming. And helped show us we were doing something bigger than ourselves.

And that’s how we’ve continued.

We started with Mala Beads as they are a beautiful reminder of your practice. You can meditate with them, and also were them through the day as a reminder of your intention. We’re proud to make these beautiful beads with female artisans in Bali, supporting them with fair wages and a job that spreads good intentions. Each piece is handknotted and blessed by a prist before leaving the island of the Gods.

Since our start in 2011, we’ve expanded into other categories.

We are constantly asking ourselves "How can we inspire people through education and product that is authentic, beautiful, and traditional. Through pieces that inspire a mindful lifestyle – in whatever way works for you?"

Reflecting on the past six years, we are proud of what we offer.

We not only offer mala beads, but also an educational component, which is an important part of our vision, mission and values (below).

It was important to us to know that we are helping to elevate people on their journey, and not simply end a 'transaction' after the purchase of a set of beads. But to genuinely help them create and deepen a practice by providing guided meditations.

We also offer handmade silver mantra jewelry, meditation shawls (made in India) and altar pieces.

The expansion of our offerings have taken us on many trips to Bali to work one on one with artisans and set up partnerships with women and families that we continue to work with and support. And to India to visit factories and ensure the working conditions are in line with who we say we are.

Through the years of learning about meditation, mindfulness, how to run a business, and about ourselves as individuals, we’ve developed a vision, mission and values that we are proud of.

And as we evolve and grow, and have the opportunity to be invited into the lives and journeys of others, we are sure these will expand to embody the greater purpose.

With gratitude we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our small business, the lives of the artisans you change in Indonesia and India, and also for supporting yourself by practicing mindfulness in whichever way suits you best.

Vision, Mission and Values
At Mala Collective, our vision, mission and values are something we're very proud of. It's a check in point as we grow, make decisions, and something that keeps us all connected. We believe it's the foundation of who we are and why we're here.

Our vision: “Inspiring Mindful Evolution”
Our mission: “Offering tools and practices that empower people to live with intention.”

Our Values:
    •    Authenticity           Honoring truth, tradition, and growth
    •    Integrity                  We hold ourselves accountable to act with honesty, respect & trust
    •    Connection            Cultivating positive relationships with ourselves, and community for a higher purpose
    •    Elevation                Providing education and support for personal growth
    •    Peace                      It’s why we’re here!

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