Working with your Throat Chakra during the Full Moon

Working with your Throat Chakra during the Full Moon


Late in the month of October we have a Full Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio. On Oct 24 Scorpio is seeing a lot of planetary action and Taurus is acting in juxtaposition to this energy. We want to take a look at the physical body and the throat chakra in particular during this Full Moon phase.

The zodiac sign of Taurus is associated with the throat, singing, and vocal cords along with the Vishuddhi or throat chakra.

As the Full Moon is a time of increased energy, culmination, and power we are given the opportunity to use this energy to the fullest spiritual advantage.

Using the vibration of our voices; through mantras, chanting, or simply speaking our truth we are honoring the energy of the Full Moon in Taurus.

Some crystals you can work with during this time are ones that are associated with opening and enhancing the use of the throat chakra abilities.

Examples of gemstones, metals, and crystals you can meditate with or wear during the Full Moon are the following:

If you choose to spend time in meditation on this particular chakra, try to imagine the color blue; which esoterically has been associated with truth.

As Taurus is a very tactile Earth sign pay very close attention to how your body is feeling. Your physical senses may be heightened and you may also get chills or other intuitive sensations throughout your body.

Psychic skills always seem to increase around this time in the lunar cycle making us much more sensitive empathically to the people, animals, and world around us.

This full moon is a magical and spiritual time providing us all a moment in the monthly cycle when we can embrace the lunar energy.

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