You Have The Power To Change The World by Riley Reign

You Have The Power To Change The World by Riley Reign

Many of us may be familiar with the term “Universal Wisdom”. I have found that this Universal Wisdom often comes from a universal belief within all of us. Most Universal Wisdoms are found so compellingly powerful and resonant because so many people already believe these truths on a subconscious level.

What if we listened to our Universal beliefs as intuitive calls to action?

Something I have discovered is a universal belief these days is that the world needs healing, uplifting, or large scale positive change. This is a beautiful thing to believe, because all of us likely find beauty within everyday life on a daily basis. It’s a beautiful and true thing for many of us to be able to see magic within the simple day to day, and to also acknowledge that we can do a lot better.

The only downfall that I see in this belief is the thought that falls after it. Which is usually something of doubtfulness and sadness, that the world may not ever heal or become more positive, that it will most likely only get worse. This is not true, it is a scarcity mindset that we cannot afford. What if I told you that you had the power to change the world?

You have the power to change the world. What do you believe the world needs more of? Is this  something that you can give, even in the smallest amounts at a time? I cannot imagine your answer being, “No.”

If we all gave the world more than we took from it, an unimaginable shift would occur. The most common answers to the question of what the world needs to be better that I have seen are as follows (in no particular order): Kindness, Love, Understanding, Light, Hope, Generosity.

Are you ready for a huge mental shift to occur? If you have the capacity and willingness to give any of those acts above freely and unconditionally you have the power to change the world. If we all truly believe the world needs to heal, to be better, than we are all hearing a call to action but not answering it.

Imagine if we consciously built a collective of Love, where loving kindness and selflessness and giving unconditionally was magnified and amplified through a community of vibrant kindred spirits. Imagine the powerful and lasting ripple effect this intention and action would have! There is nothing stopping anyone anywhere from choosing to join this unofficial club, except for ourselves.

If you believe the world can be healed and become better, then you have heard the call to action through your own intuition. You have the power to make the change you wish to see, on the smallest and largest of scales simultaneously. If you were looking for a sign that you have something more purposeful within you, this is it.


Meet Riley Reign

As the curator and founder of The Spirit & Soul Blog, Riley Reign aims to teach mindfulness, spirituality, and lifestyle practices of alignment and connection to Source. Riley's recent work can be found with, as well as on where she continues to write about mindfulness and lead courses of Inspired Transformation.

Riley Reign can often be found meditating on any given morning, writing, or exploring the vast nature of Colorado mountains. Her aim is to lead a loving, open, and creative life and career that will one day melt into a legacy of soft, simple, and universal wisdom.

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